Agree ’17 to Feature Virtual Prayer Event

The Church of God International Offices is conducting a three-day revival, from Tuesday, January 10 through Thursday, January 12, 2017. The campus-wide event is part of a three-pronged emphasis entitled “Agree ’17.”

Pastor Responds to Crimes Against Humanity Charge

Liberty Counsel filed a brief opposing the latest efforts by Sexual Minorities Uganda (SMUG) in its lawsuit against Pastor Scott Lively, in which SMUG seeks to silence and impose significant financial penalties against Lively for his speaking and writing about his biblical views on homosexuality. Liberty Counsel’s filing is in response to a brief filed by SMUG as a last ditch effort to save SMUG’s case from dismissal after it utterly failed to present evidence supporting its claims at a summary judgment hearing last month.

How Change Reveals the Spiritual Foundation of Our Lives

This past week’s estimate of third-quarter real GDP was positive. The annual rate of growth was an annualized 3.2 percent, which was 0.3 percent higher than the previous estimate and 0.1 percent higher than expectations.

Freedom House Christmas

As schools in Kenya wind down in preparation for the Christmas holidays, several hundred children in a remote village face the possibility that their Christmas may not be one of cheer, but of hunger. With their school closed for the holidays, the children will no longer be receiving meals through Freedom House, which requires the use of the school kitchens. The use of these facilities while school is not in session is disallowed by Kenyan government policy.