Not Your Typical Children’s Church

Pre-school and elementary-aged children experienced a different kind of children’s church at last week’s Church of God International General Assembly in Nashville.

Missionary Evangelists Reach Kids

Charles and Mavis Thornton serve as Missionary Evangelists to Latin America, with efforts recently focused in Costa Rica. Missionary Evangelists are those who feel a call to evangelism ministry on the missions field.

How You Can Make Your Prayers More Powerful

Jesus made prayer a priority for his life. We read that Jesus spoke to things such as the fig tree (Matt. 21:19), the little girl, saying, “Arise” (Mark 5:41), and He said to the storm, “Peace be still” (Mark 4:39, MEV).

False Assumptions About Children’s Ministry

Often people who are not involved in children’s ministry have false assumptions about it. Here are seven of the most common, along with how to respond and help people see the truth: