Ministerial Internship Program Graduates Commissioned

Dr. J. David Stephens, assistant general overseer for the Church of God, and the Division of Education staff are elated that the more than 1,100 people who attended the Ministerial Internship Program (MIP) Commissioning Celebration were thoroughly blessed last weekend by the music ministry of Jordan Smith, the clear preaching about one’s call by Dr. Lamar Vest, and the Commissioning sermon to go and tell your story by presiding bishop for the Church of God, Dr. Mark L. Williams.

Ten Occupational Hazards of Ministry

When I surrendered to the call of God several years ago, I did it soberly because I knew I was stepping into a dangerous assignment. Despite what you might hear from a few prosperity preachers wearing silk suits and pancake makeup, ministry is not glamorous—nor is it risk-free.

Worship Leader’s Viral Chewbacca Video Infects Masses With the Joy

If your sides ache from laughter this weekend, chances are you saw Candace Payne’s record-shattering video as she tried on a Chewbacca mask from Kohl’s.

Family’s Prayers Answered in an Incredible Way

As a growing family, living in expensive New England, Massachusetts, business owner and entrepreneur Rob Willington knew he needed to find a way to pay for his family’s medical costs. The options available to him and his family via the Massachusetts Health Connector were limited and unaffordable. As a family of faith, they also had objections to many of the products and services conventional health insurance providers are mandated to cover.