Lee University Plans Annual ‘Lee Day’ Weekend

Beginning Friday, April 8, Lee University will host its annual Lee Day, 34 hours of excitement geared toward prospective students, parents and youth leaders.

Gospel for Asia Gives Away 2,300 Sewing Machines

The Gospel for Asia-supported Bridge of Hope Ministry has assisted struggling families in Asia by providing 2,300 sewing machines in March to graduates of its vocational training centers. The 280 centers across the region provide students with work skills to improve their employment and economic opportunities.

Amplifying Evangelism: Unplugging the Tools That We Turned Into Rules

As I look back on my life, especially being born into an Irish (nominal) Catholic home in New York City, I firmly believe that I am a Christian today because of a chain events that were set in motion by the sovereignty and providence of God. Let me explain.

Five Ways to Pray for the Muslim World

After I heard the news that Islamic terrorists had killed more than 72 people in a public park in Lahore, Pakistan, last Sunday, I called my friend “Faisal” (not his real name) to grieve with him. Faisal is a Pakistani Christian who has lived in the United States for several years. He has friends who live near the Gulshan-e-Iqbal Park, a normally cheerful place where an unidentified killer detonated a bomb with the specific goal of slaughtering Christians during the Easter holiday.

Church of God Condemns Pakistan Attack

Mark L. Williams, general overseer of the Church of God, joined a chorus of Christian voices on Monday condemning Easter Sunday’s attack against Christians celebrating Resurrection Day in Lahore, Pakistan, that claimed the lives of 72 people—mostly women and children—and wounded 340 others.

Ratio Christi Partners with Pure Flix Film ‘God’s Not Dead 2’

Ratio Christi Campus Apologetics Alliance is glad to announce a ministry partnership with Pure Flix Entertainment in promoting the movie God’s Not Dead 2, which opens in theatres across the United States on Friday, April 1, 2016. Ratio Christi endorsed the first God’s Not Dead in 2014 because the film was so closely related to its college campus ministry and is now pleased to partner with this sequel.

Alabama Foundation Condemns Georgia Governor’s Veto of Religious Freedom Bill

The Foundation for Moral Law, an Alabama legal defense organization dedicated to the defense of constitutional rights and traditional values, announced its opposition to Governor Deal’s recent veto of Georgia’s proposed religious freedom bill.

New Booklet Reveals Path to ‘Biblical Flourishing’

Why is it that so many Christians struggle to find meaning in who they are and why they were created? It all links back to how we view God’s plan. For years, Christians have seen the gospel as two fold – we are sinners (Fall) and sinners need a savior (Redemption) – but what if there was more to God’s story?

Amendment to Bylaws Would Include Ordained Ministers in General Council 

A proposed amendment to the Minutes of the International General Assembly would open membership to ordained ministers as well as ordained bishops to participate in the General Council at the Church of God International General Assembly.

Blue Sunday Day of Prayer for Abused Children Is April 24th

A stranger called saying she thought she had our grandchildren. Their drug addicted mother left the toddlers with the caller to run an errand and never returned. It had been two days.

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