Summary: Church of God Completes Historic Assembly

Orlando, FL—Meeting for its 75th International General Assembly, thousands of Church of God delegates from around the globe gathered at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando last week.

Power of ‘The Infinite Gospel’

Author Greg Leininger sees a tragic neglect of the Gospel in the Church, which he attributes to narrowing perception of God’s glory. To correct what he perceives as a “vanishing fear of God” and growing disregard for the Gospel, Leininger wrote his new book, “The Infinite Gospel: A Foundational Primer to the Truth–Answers for Life” (published by CrossBooks).

Atheists vs. Christian Cheerleaders: Battle Over Bible Banners May Head to Texas High Court

The battle over Bible banners at football games in one Texas town could be heading to that state’s Supreme Court.

Birth of a Pentecostal Giant: The AG’s Origin Story

No one imagined the world would be changed out of an old, dilapidated building at 312 Azusa Street in downtown Los Angeles. Yet in the aftermath of the Azusa Street revival (1906-09), the Pentecostal message spread as fast as word of mouth could carry it, shaping history from that point on.