Mississippi Church Sponsors Successful “Stuff the Bus” Event

Last year members of Morgantown Church of God in Morgantown, Mississippi collected school supplies for one area school. This year they expanded their vision and brought a community together for a “Stuff the Bus” event. Almost $3,700 was raised in cash in addition to numerous school supplies donated by individuals and local businesses. Four area schools will benefit as a result.

Have Archaeologists Found Prophet Elisha’s House?

During 16 years of excavating Tel Rehov in the Jordan Valley, archaeologists uncovered a 3,000-year-old, well-planned city. They also found a unique building that might have been the house of Elisha the prophet.

Kari Jobe Writing Music for Billy Graham’s ‘My Hope’ Project

In this digital world, there are more ways than ever to find Jesus. Lives are changed each day with the click of a mouse, the changing of a channel, the swipe of a thumb across an iPhone.

Marketplace ‘Missionary’ Targets Fashion Industry With Redemptive Purpose

“I’d say at best, the church ignores the fashion industry,” said Amos Chiou, graduating senior at Cornell University. “I’d say at worse, the church is the one lambasting the industry for any number of reasons—body image, sexualization, materialism, etc.