Lee University Offers Sunday “U-Church”

Since its inception, Lee University has required its students to attend on-campus chapel services as part of the overall student experience at the Church of God school. Through the years the basic format of weekly chapel services has remained unchanged, but to keep up with current worship trends across generational lines, Lee University conducts a Sunday night alternative to the traditional chapel, called “U-Church.”

US Supreme Court Refuses to Hear Prayer Case

A dispute over prayer in the name of Jesus has traveled all the way to US Supreme Court, but the nation’s most authoritative judges have decided not to get involved.

Empowered 21 Global Council Convenes in Orlando

Top global leaders unite to focus energy toward the 2,000 year anniversary of the birth of the church.

H.L. Chesser: Faithful Until the End

“And help us to stay faithful until the end,” visitors to the H.L. Chesser home heard as each mealtime blessing concluded. Those who knew Hallie Louticious Chesser knew that these words were not only the prayer of his lips, but they were also words by which he lived his life. H.L. Chesser (1898-1987) knew what it was to come from a family of humble means.