Social Media in Ministry

We are not being sarcastic when we say that the first step in getting social on the web… is getting on the web. Before you can create engagement and interaction you have to create a virtual presence for yourself. Claim your virtual real estate! Get your domain name! Your

Then get a website. You may ask, “Should I have a website or a blog?” Websites are more effective if they are more than online business cards. What do I mean? Websites should be living things – able to interact with visitors, draw visitors back and offer them value. And of course they need to offer easy to find contact and service information. And, FYI, free services are less likely to be found in search engines and usually have advertisements so be careful. You want your website to be:

Trusting and Keeping Watch

Before Kirk and Yolanda Rogers left the Landuma church for a while, Kirk thought it wise to teach from Acts 20.

For some years Kirk Rogers and Jim Sheffield have been teaching and discipling the small group of Landuma believers. Other missionaries are part of the team as well, but none yet has the language fluency to teach the Scriptures.

Northern Ireland Welcomes Top Christian Bands

Fuel 2010 offers an extraordinary music line-up LIVE on GOD TV this weekend

South African Minister Credits 24-7 Prayer With 840,000 Salvations

gdop20africa20croppedA South African church leader is confident that God answers prayer, and he has a statistic to prove it: 840,000.
That’s the number of people Peter Sekhonyane says have come to Christ in the six years since churches in his area began leading 24/7 “prayer watches.”

Calling all Local Missions Representatives

The Church of God Executive Committee, along with World Missions leadership, are partnering together and asking for every local church, pastors and laity, to help us raise a miracle offering for “Children of the World.”