The Evolution of the Internet

It hardly seems possible that the world wide web, www. Has grown to over 260 million users in the United States alone. Nearly 2 Billion people around the world are online, 1/4 of the earths population! The statistics are astounding.

Music Minister Writes Devotional on Matthew

In a society that shows signs of doubt and dissent, “Love Has Come: A Twenty-Eight Day Journey Through the Gospel of Matthew” seeks to highlight the heart and love of Christ.

Building A Bridge Through Song And Community

The Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity gratefully share five special free song downloads this June as part of their “Bridge Radio” at the Franciscanized World

Wireless Mic Band Deadline Approaching

Many churches that are set up to use wireless equipment on the 700mhz band should prepare to vacate the band within the next two weeks. The proverbial minute hand on the 700MHz wireless mic clock is approaching midnight, giving users of the devices a little less than two weeks to vacate the spectrum and retune or replace existing equipment.

Moscow Seminary in Need of Assistance

Assistance is needed in a situation which does more than fix a roof or maintain a façade. Rather, your help will allow the Church of God’s Eurasian Theological Seminary in Moscow keep its focus on training pastors and church leaders throughout the former Soviet Union.