Asia’s Churches Empower Women—So Should We

This past week, I’ve been in Singapore, a nation known as “the Antioch of Asia” because of its thriving churches. Some Western ministry leaders come to Singapore to learn the secret of their church growth. Is it cell groups? Is it their administrative savvy? Is it their openness to the Holy Spirit? All those things have helped—but many people ignore the fact that women have played a prominent role in the success of churches here.

Never Build a Ministry on One Man’s Swag

John the Baptist said he was not worthy to untie Jesus’ lowly sandals. But in today’s hyper-cool, megachurch culture, a preacher’s footwear has become very pricey.

Tragedy in Sri Lanka: How Church Leaders Can Respond to Secular Media

Reports of Sri Lanka’s Easter Sunday tragedy have flooded the news, prompting some to ask if God forgot His people on the most sacred day of the Christian calendar. Over 300 dead and more than 500 injured from bombings that targeted churches in Sri Lanka’s Negombo, Batticaloa and Colombo’s Kochchikade districts during Easter morning services. Those outside the Christian faith are asking a tough question of church leaders: If God is all-powerful, loving and good, why would He allow such a high-profile tragedy to take place in His houses of worship on a day set aside to honor Him?

Vengeance, Anger or Prayer? How to Respond When Terrorists Strike

Yesterday was Sri Lanka’s day of mourning over the terrorist’s bomb blasts at churches and hotels on Easter morning.

How Did Jesus Endure the Crucifixion?

When the movie The Passion of the Christ was released 15 years ago, snobbish Hollywood critics mocked it because it offered a realistic depiction of Jesus’ torture and death. I know people who couldn’t watch the R-rated violence in Mel Gibson’s movie because it was such an accurate portrayal of a brutal, first-century Roman execution.

Eight Ways to Encourage the Flow of the Holy Spirit

I’m grateful for my friend Quentin Beard, who pastors one of the fastest growing churches in South Dakota—Sioux Falls First Assembly. Because Quentin wants his congregation to experience the Holy Spirit, he scheduled a special weekend of meetings so that people could be baptized in the Holy Spirit, get healing prayer and receive personal prophetic ministry.

Are You Dripping With the Spirit’s Anointing?

If you could go back in time and visit the tabernacle of Moses, one thing would immediately catch your attention. You would smell the strong fragrance of anointing oil. Everything inside the tent would have been dripping with this sweet-smelling compound, which was made of crushed cinnamon, myrrh and other spices mixed with olive oil.

Open Letter About Pro-life ‘Unplanned’ Movie

The Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) gave an R rating to the pro-life movie Unplanned the true story which hits theaters across the nation this week, on Friday, March 29, about former Planned Parenthood clinic director, Abby Johnson. “Hollywood places a PG-13 rating on many films filled with serious violent and sexual content, with the hope that children and teens will fill the seats.

How to Stay Renewed in the Spirit—Even in Old Age

This past weekend I preached at the historic Belmont Church in Nashville, Tennessee, a congregation that God used powerfully to spread charismatic renewal across the world in the 1970s. This was the church that gave us actor Pat Boone, Christian singers Amy Grant and Michael W. Smith, and many anointed songwriters and outreach ministries.

Have Millions of Christians Been Misled About the Second Coming of Jesus?

We’ve heard it taught for years. Jesus is coming like a thief in the night, so be ready. He could come at any moment, without any warning, so stay alert. You don’t want to be left behind!

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