Black History and the American Dream

The following is submitted by evangelist Alveda C. King:

How Leaders Survive When Facing Demonic Discouragement

So many of my pastor friends have trudged through 2021 as if they were slogging through mud. This hasn’t been an easy year. If we opened the church for meetings, we were accused of being uncaring. If we asked people to wear masks at church, we were criticized. If we didn’t talk about politics, or if we did, we were attacked from both sides.

Foundation: ‘Don’t Discriminate Against Christian Flag

Pastor Harold Shurtleff and Camp Constitution wanted to hold an event in the Boston Commons. But when they asked to raise their Christian flag on the City flagpole, Boston said no.

Seven Ways to Prepare Now for Spiritual Harvest

Fifty years ago, Time magazine featured Jesus Christ on its cover to document an unusual spiritual revival that was sweeping the nation at that time. At the height of the Jesus movement, which began around 1967, thousands of teenagers and young hippies found salvation as an alternative to psychedelic drugs, free sex and Vietnam War protests.

‘Even Atheists Praise God,’ Says Author of New Book

Author Kenneth Wayne Hancock says that he has uncovered a Biblical secret. Everyone, including atheists and agnostics, is extolling God when they say the word “Hallelujah.”

Relax! This Pandemic Is Not the End of the World

I get a new message in my inbox every day telling me why I should be terrified to walk outside. Network news is depressing enough, with reports of rising crime, inflation, unbridled government spending and, or course, another new strain of the coronavirus.

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