God Wants to Put Jonathans in Your Life

A few days ago, I was dreading the upcoming weekend. I didn’t want to think about Father’s Day—partly because it was the second year since my father had died, and partly because my elderly mother’s health is failing. I honestly felt like crawling in a hole. But instead of stuffing my pain, I asked some of my friends to send me an encouraging text or video to cheer me up.

Will We Ever Stop Arguing About Women Preachers?

Two months after violent storms tore through Alabama, another huge tempest is raging there this week—and this one threatens to blow apart the nation’s largest Protestant denomination. Representatives of the 14.8-million-member Southern Baptist Convention have been meeting in Birmingham, Alabama, and this time, the issue of women’s ordination is the tornado.

What Every Spirit-Filled Christian Needs to Know About Leaving Legacy

The older you get, the more you realize that, at some point, you must leave a legacy. I recently interviewed an expert on this topic, global pastor Maury Davis. His message on legacy is so powerful that organizations all over the U.S. ask him to speak on it. In fact, when I heard him speak on legacy at the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference, I knew it was a message every believer should hear.

Don’t Settle for Shallow Relationships

I don’t like goodbyes, especially on the mission field. If you know me, you know that sometimes I get emotional in airports. Two weeks ago, it was bad when I left Singapore.

Warning: A Most Uncivil Law Is Coming

A vote in the House of Representatives could come as early as this Thursday on H.R. 5, the contentious bill that would place nearly all Christian ministries, religious organizations and faith-based companies in the crosshairs of discrimination lawsuits. The bill looks almost certain to pass in the House. Although passage in the Senate may be doubtful, the sheer audacity of this legislation should be taken as a cautionary tale.

Unborn Babies Can’t Carry Protest Signs

Thanks to a law passed in January in the state of New York, a woman can have an abortion up until the very moment of childbirth. And when that law was passed, lawmakers threw a party by covering the World Trade Center in New York City with celebratory pink lights.

How Christians Can Oppose This National Bill That Would ‘Criminalize’ Christian Values

Just a few weeks ago, Nancy Pelosi, D-California, introduced H.R. 5, the so-called Equality Act. This bill’s biological denialism would add “sexual orientation” and “gender identity” (SOGI) as protected classes under the federal Civil Rights Act of 1964.

Asia’s Churches Empower Women—So Should We

This past week, I’ve been in Singapore, a nation known as “the Antioch of Asia” because of its thriving churches. Some Western ministry leaders come to Singapore to learn the secret of their church growth. Is it cell groups? Is it their administrative savvy? Is it their openness to the Holy Spirit? All those things have helped—but many people ignore the fact that women have played a prominent role in the success of churches here.

Never Build a Ministry on One Man’s Swag

John the Baptist said he was not worthy to untie Jesus’ lowly sandals. But in today’s hyper-cool, megachurch culture, a preacher’s footwear has become very pricey.

Tragedy in Sri Lanka: How Church Leaders Can Respond to Secular Media

Reports of Sri Lanka’s Easter Sunday tragedy have flooded the news, prompting some to ask if God forgot His people on the most sacred day of the Christian calendar. Over 300 dead and more than 500 injured from bombings that targeted churches in Sri Lanka’s Negombo, Batticaloa and Colombo’s Kochchikade districts during Easter morning services. Those outside the Christian faith are asking a tough question of church leaders: If God is all-powerful, loving and good, why would He allow such a high-profile tragedy to take place in His houses of worship on a day set aside to honor Him?

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