As States Reopen, Should Churches Return to ‘Business as Usual’?

After more than two months of stringent lockdown orders, churches across America are finally beginning to reopen, a welcome sign to millions of people of faith who have been waiting for the chance to gather and worship together.

Positive and Negative Results From the Present Civil Unrest

During national crises, specific segments of the political and ideological spectrum attempt to capitalize and push their agendas.

Although this is unfortunate, after the horrific murder of George Floyd, there is potential for both good and bad results.

We Haven’t Cried Yet

This past weekend, a group of black, white and Latino Christians gathered in the central downtown square in LaGrange, Georgia, where I live. We met to address the pain and anger people are feeling in the aftermath of George Floyd’s tragic death in Minnesota.

Reconciliation Changes Relationships on a Heart Level

Culturally and socially, the word “reconciliation” has taken on a new meaning—and urgency.

A Prayer for America Amid Protests & Pandemics

In college, I remember hearing our campus pastor’s frequent refrain: “A diamond shines brightest against a black backdrop.” His point was that, as the world grows darker, and our sin paints an increasingly gloomy picture of this temporal existence, the Gospel is illuminated all the more.

Arizona Pastor Offers Biblical Response to Looting, Rioting

If you grew up in the ’90s, you remember those popular “WWJD” bracelets. Those letters stood for the question: “What would Jesus do?” These days, according to some, the answer is rioting, looting, and burning.

The World Is Praying for America. Thank You.

Over the past two decades, I’ve spent much of my time overseas. I’ve visited 40 countries so far, and I keep going back to some of the same nations because I’ve built close friendships with people from Asia, Africa, Europe and Latin America. My travel has been restricted during the pandemic, but not one day goes by when I don’t speak with at least a dozen overseas friends.

Why Is the Gift of Speaking in Tongues So Awkward?

Churches across the world will commemorate the day of Pentecost this next Sunday, whether they meet online or in their buildings. Most will celebrate the need for the Holy Spirit’s power, and they might read Acts 2:1-4, which tells how the Spirit’s flame rested on all the disciples who prayed in the upper room that day.

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