Heart for Lebanon Responds to Beirut Explosion

Heart for Lebanon, a non-denominational Christian organization, serving under resourced families and children in the country of Lebanon, is responding to the current crisis in Lebanon.

Christian Kids in Middle East Help Others Conquer Fear

Children living in a “world of fear” in the Middle East are helping each other conquer their deepest anxieties — by sharing their own uplifting faith with others live on satellite television and social media.

South Korea Reopens Megachurches With Strict Infection Controls in Place

The South Korean government has relaxed restrictions on places of worship, allowing followers of Jesus to reunite at churches across the country.

French Megachurch Sees Salvations as Paris Is Hit by Coronavirus

PARIS – Officials in France are taking drastic steps to curb the coronavirus outbreak that is disrupting businesses, tourism and even churches there.

300 Christian Leaders Rally Around Year of the Bible Movement in DC

Nick Hall—founder of the Millennial-led evangelism movement PULSE—and over 300 influential, Christian leaders rallied around the Year of the Bible campaign Wednesday at a multi-generational, multi-denominational and multi-racial gathering at Washington’s Museum of the Bible.

Cindy Jacobs Calls Christians Across World to Pray Against Coronavirus

Prophet and teacher Cindy Jacobs, along with other global leaders, is calling Christians across the world to join in prayer today, March 3, for an end to the coronavirus.

Group to Be Briefed on Peace Plan

JERUSALEM — President Donald Trump has invited Israeli leaders, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and General Benny Ganz, who is running against Netanyahu, to discuss Mideast peace plan. Mike Evans, the founder of Friends of Zion in Jerusalem, was notified by the White House that they want to meet with him as well.

Gospel for Asia Sheds Light on ‘Forgotten Scourge’ of Leprosy

The emergence of a “forgotten plague” in America has called attention to one of the most feared diseases in history — the ancient scourge of leprosy.

Kenyans See ‘Hand of God’ in Record-Breaking Marathon Run

The two-hour marathon barrier has finally been broken. As Eliud Kipchoge arrived back home in Nairobi on Wednesday (Oct. 16), citizens of his country pointed at a “hand of God” in his record-breaking, sub-two-hour run on Saturday in Vienna.

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