Group Launches Workplace Legal Offensive

Pacific Justice Institute has launched a full-scale attack against employers in Oregon who discriminated against employees who sought religious exemptions from state mandates requiring that they be vaccinated against COVID-19.

Pro-life Groups Launch Private Investigation to Find Vandals

A pro-life pregnancy center firebombed by pro-abortion terrorists last year has announced a partnership with a noted law firm to conduct an independent investigation searching for the perpetrators of the violence as it continues to characterize the federal government’s response to the attacks as lackluster.

Defending Religious Freedom for U.S. Marine Captain

Liberty Counsel filed the answer brief to the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals on behalf of a United States Marine Corps Captain who was granted a preliminary injunction because he faced punishment after the military rejected his appeal from a denial for a religious accommodation from the shot mandate.

Injunction, Court Order Against Church Reversed

San Jose, CA–The County of Santa Clara and Health Officer Sarah Cody, through County Counsel James Williams, obtained a temporary restraining order and injunction in November 2020 against Calvary Chapel San Jose, Pastor Mike McClure, and Pastor Carson Atherly for violating the Covid-19 health orders that restricted church services, required masks and the submission to the county of a Covid-19 Social Distancing Protocol.

U.S. Marine Granted Emergency Relief From Discharge and Eviction

Within two hours of Liberty Counsel’s request, Judge Steven Merryday granted a temporary restraining order for a U.S. Marine First Lieutenant to stop the Department of Defense from ordering administrative separation and eviction from his home for merely requesting an accommodation of his sincere religious beliefs.

Mobs Attack Christians’ Homes, Businesses After Church’s Legal Recognition

Outraged over the newly received formal legal recognition of a church in Egypt, Muslims in large crowds attacked and damaged the homes, shops and vehicles of many area Coptic Christians, according to a persecution watchdog.

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