Christian Advertisements Ordered Removed From High School Football End Zones

Before a Louisiana high school football game, two Benton High School students were told they had to remove Christian logos from the end zones. The two students left the field and did not help those who removed the logos.

Millions Cancel Facebook as Censorship of Users Continues

Just how bad is it at Facebook? Consider this—in just 45 days, Facebook lost over $140 billion in market capitalization. The stock dropped from $217 on July 25, 2018 to $162.53 on September 6, 2018. And now, nearly half of millennials along with nearly 10 percent of all Americans have deleted their Facebook accounts.

Churches Growing in Indonesia Despite Islamic Attacks

Millions of Indonesians are becoming Christians, often secretly as militants continue to kill devoted believers, according to an investigation by Christian news agency BosNewsLife. At least three to four million Christians “turned to Christ” over the past year, but the government refuses to recognize this trend in the world’s largest Muslim nation, said Christian officials with close knowledge about the situation.

Diplomat Sounds Alarm on Rising Murders of Church Members

The acting U.S. ambassador to Nigeria has reiterated the call of his government to the Nigerian authorities to stop ongoing killings in the Middle Belt and the Northeast of the country.

Christian Human Rights Lawyer Still Missing One Year Later

A year ago, the brother of persecuted Chinese human rights lawyer Gao Zhisheng went to the attorney’s apartment, where he was under house arrest in China’s Shaanxi province, only to discover him gone. To this day, no one knows where he is.

USA.Life Founder: “Facebook Refused to Stop Censoring Christianity”

Pastor Steven Andrew, a popular minister reaching as many as 8 million people per month on Facebook, is experiencing one of the greatest cases of censorship, with an estimated 99% shadow ban on August 20. A post thanking President Trump, with “In God We Trust,” was blocked 100%. Andrew contacted Facebook on August 10 and asked them to stop censoring him. This was Andrew’s fourth attempt to resolve the issue. Facebook responded, “Thanks…” and ignored the censorship of Christianity. They restrict Bible verses, praying for government, pictures of George Washington and honoring President Trump.

Couple, Fellow Church Members Sentenced to Prison for Practicing Christianity

Iran’s Islamic regime has sentenced an Iranian couple to prison for practicing Christianity and also sentenced every member of their church to one year in prison.

Facebook Censors John 3:16, ‘The Old Rugged Cross’ and the Resurrection

A pastor says, “Facebook is blocking almost everyone from seeing John 3:16, ‘The Old Rugged Cross,’ the resurrection of Jesus Christ and my other posts.” Pastor Steven Andrew has a sizeable audience, with 467,000 people liking his page. Yet, Facebook showed these posts to only hundreds of people each. (The number will be higher with media coverage.)

Missionary Seeks Case Advancement to SCOTUS

As a result of filing complaints to state and federal authorities and the news media about Monroe County Sheriff Billy Wayne Bivens beginning as early as 2008, a barrage of false information and physical attacks have been waged against a Christian missionary who is standing fast in truth and love for those who wished to see him dead.

South Sudan Council of Churches: ‘Peace will Return to Our Country’

In a 19 July statement, the South Sudan Council of Churches reflected on recent developments in the country: “The winds of violence and conflict have continued to obscure our road to light and peace, while the international community remains discouraged and frustrated by the absence of peace. It is well known that the church has historically played a key moral and spiritual role in healing and mediation at various points in our history to stop bloodshed and make peace.”

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