empty tomb®, inc. Mission Match® to Help Honor Global Mothers

In a world where more than 1 million children under the age of five are expected to die this year, there are many grieving mothers.

A Mission to Feed a Billion People

Get ready to be inspired by the remarkable story of Keturah Farms, a new documentary film by Dr. Venessa Battle that follows the journey of a determined woman on a mission to feed a billion people.

Prayer Team Lifts Up New Congress Through BOLD Program

When the 118th Congress assembled on January 3 this year, there were 74 new Representatives and 7 new Senators, along with a major leadership change in the House of Representatives.

OneHope Reaches 2 Billion Children and Youth With God’s Word

OneHope, an international Christian ministry, has crossed the threshold of sharing God’s Word with two billion children since 1987.

Group Releases Song/Video In Support of Ukraine

Almost forty years ago, in 1986, a nuclear power plant located in north Ukraine was involved in an accident that was rated as a maximum severity level. The disaster, which resulted in the meltdown of a reactor core followed by a fire that raged for about a week, released radioactive contaminants into the air to land in other countries as well as the surrounding community. Since then, Ukraine has faced numerous challenges, including a military invasion by Russia, forcing thousands of refugees to flee to neighboring countries. Among those offering aid is Star of Hope, a Kansas-based international organization with a focus on children.

Ministry Reaches Record Number of Children

The world’s largest mission organization dedicated to children celebrated a record number of children reached in its 2022 world-wide, in-person Christmas Party Clubs.

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