Survey: Increasing number of Protestants Want Their Church ‘Politically Homogenous’

As voters prepare to cast their ballots for the midterm elections, a recent study says that most Protestants prefer to attend a church where the congregation’s political views align with theirs.

United Methodists Set Liberal New Direction

Leaders of the United Methodist Church, gathered in five locations across the country last week for jurisdictional conferences to elect new bishops to steer America’s second-largest Protestant denomination.

New Study: Huge Income Potential to Charities from Evangelical Prospects

A new study from Grey Matter Research and Infinity Concepts explores monthly partner giving among evangelical Protestants, and projects nearly $2.4 billion annually in dependable income could come from prospective monthly partners.

United Methodist Church Signals New Direction in Bishop Elections

Leaders of America’s second-largest Protestant denomination, the United Methodist Church, are gathering this week, November 2-5, to elect 14 new bishops. These new leaders will have great power to reshape the UMC’s future.

Attorneys Uphold Baker’s Right to Practice Christian Principles

Cake designer Cathy Miller has been vindicated in the California courts for practicing her Christian principles on the job. On October 21, 2022, attorneys from the Thomas More Society brought home a First Amendment victory for the cake shop owner of Tastries, a popular Bakersfield, California bakery that was targeted by gay activists.

Survey: Pastors Have Opinions in Halloween

It might depend on their pastor, according to a survey, released Tuesday (Oct. 18), by Lifeway Research of Protestant Christian pastors from all across the United States.

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