Attorneys Uphold Baker’s Right to Practice Christian Principles

Cake designer Cathy Miller has been vindicated in the California courts for practicing her Christian principles on the job. On October 21, 2022, attorneys from the Thomas More Society brought home a First Amendment victory for the cake shop owner of Tastries, a popular Bakersfield, California bakery that was targeted by gay activists.

Survey: Pastors Have Opinions in Halloween

It might depend on their pastor, according to a survey, released Tuesday (Oct. 18), by Lifeway Research of Protestant Christian pastors from all across the United States.

Amid Recession Fears, Americans Expected to Step Up Charitable Giving

Americans are “very pessimistic” about the economy, but the nation’s nonprofit organizations look set to ride out the storm as donors focus on the greater good, a new nationwide research study suggests.

Group Sues to Block Enforcement of California Law

The Life Legal Defense Foundation today filed suit in Kern County Superior Court to enjoin SB 245, the “Abortion Accessibility Act,” which requires insurance companies to pay for abortions without any cost-sharing. This unconstitutional law discriminates against women who choose to carry their babies to term and creates perverse financial incentives that subsidize abortion.

Doctor Provides ‘Merciful Medicine’

Dr. John Bruchalski wanted to serve women and be the very best doctor he could be, which is why he agreed to perform abortions during his residency. That was the expectation, after all, and if it was what the patient wanted, who was he to dissuade them? After years of learning moral relativism, he didn’t have a problem ending the lives of unborn babies if it was what the patient wanted — until one day it didn’t go as planned. This story opens Dr. Bruchalski’s first book and memoir, TWO PATIENTS: MY CONVERSION FROM ABORTION TO LIFE-AFFIRMING MEDICINE.

‘THE BLIND’ Film Wraps Production

Production has wrapped on THE BLIND, a biopic of Phil Robertson, the “Duck Dynasty” patriarch. The film, set in the 1960s Deep South, depicts a man conquering the shame of his past, addiction and complicated family dynamics, ultimately finding redemption in an unlikely place. Slated for a September 22, 2023 theatrical release, distribution plans are being finalized.

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