Children’s Book Offers Pandemic Diversion for Families

When Andrea Robertson recently wrote the children’s book The Adventures of Abigail Rosebud and a Frog Named Stink she never realized how successful it would be to serve as a diversion for youngsters and their families from the constant attention to the coronavirus.

COVID-19 Can’t Cancel Home

With homebound families across the country straining for a new normal, FamilyLife will host a live Q&A tonight to assist families amidst transition and maximize this unique season. Hosts Ron Deal, a licensed marriage and family therapist, and Brian Goins, FamilyLife’s vice president of content, discuss distinctive challenges of social distancing and home life amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Minno Emerges to Offer Alternative for Christian Parents

Minno-a new, Nashville-based children’s digital media company-officially launches today and is offering Christian parents an alternative that is both entertaining and affirming. Featuring an ad-free, subscription digital platform with curated entertainment and educational choices the whole family will love-including the world’s largest collection of Classic VeggieTales-a publishing arm in partnership with Hachette Nashville with offerings such as the #1 Amazon bestseller The Laugh and Learn Bible for Kids, and Minno Life, a parenting blog with expert resources and voices for Christian parents, Minno aims to be a one-stop solution for parents and kids.

U.S. Students to Lead in Prayer Before Football Game After Coach Gets Heat

Students at Rockvale High School in Tennessee plan to lead their own prayer before their football game this week. That decision comes after a complaint was lodged against their football coach for praying with his team after a game on August 30.

Christian Family Resists Being Marked by the Beast in ‘Dragon Faith Evil Serpent’

A Christian Family prepares for an upcoming thanksgiving fest. The Sandy family is strong and full of goodness, however, evil lurks. They are being watched by the authorities. Pennsylvania Governor Russell has just pushed through a new sinister law of the land. All humans must be microchipped in their right hand (Rev. 13:17) to purchase goods. Law enforcement officers have been trained to take in multitudes under this law. Young Elroy Sandy (Bound for Wheaton College) his sister Bria and their parents renew their faith as a neighbor’s heart attack sets up strange events on Greene street.

‘Your Child’s Journey’ Provides Roadmap for Parents

Moms and Dads are taking a beating in the media these days. Dubbed “helicopter parents” for hovering over their little ones and being over-protective, they’ve also been called “lawnmower parents” for trying to clear their teen’s lives of adversity or struggle, and most recently named “snowplow parents,” for attempting to clear the path for their children’s futures with money and connections.

‘Unplanned’ Gives Birth to Fifth-Place Finish

The controversial abortion biopic UNPLANNED overperformed its pre-release projections to become the #5 movie at the box office this weekend. The film took in an estimated $6,110,000 or a cumulative per-screen average of $5,770 on only 1,059 locations across the country. The film received a rare A+ CinemaScore.

Six Ways to Teach Teens About Real Romance That Honors Christ

In 18 years of youth ministry, my husband and I learned a lot about teens falling in love. In fact, I’ve enjoyed watching countless couples fall in love. I consider it a perk of being in ministry! I especially loved observing God’s blessing on those who honored Christ in their romance. I can honestly attest to the value of exposing our children to real-life love stories that glorified Christ. Our children’s idea of godly romance was strongly influenced by watching couples who loved God and obeyed His plan for their love lives.

Longest Married Couple Project Accepting Nominations

The ninth annual Worldwide Marriage Encounter (WWME) Longest Married Couple Project (LMC) will begin accepting nominations starting this Valentine’s Day, Feb. 14th 2019, it was announced today by the co-chairs of the annual project.

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