Ministry Brands Announces the Acquisition of™

Ministry Brands, the leading provider of software solutions for churches, announced today the acquisition of the live video streaming service,™. This addition to our suite of ministry-focused technology provides churches with the ability to expand their outreach to a wider community, while connecting with those who may not be able to attend church services due to sickness, military leave, homebound, vacation or traveling for work.

New Book Explains Biblical Theology Through Infographics and Illustrations

Over the past several decades, belief in the Bible has steadily declined. In 2017, Gallup found that only 24 percent believe the Bible is the literal word of God, the lowest in a 40-year trend. Even among Christians, engagement with the Bible is waning. Eighty-two percent of Christians only read their Bibles in church.

‘Step by Step’ Podcast Begins March 20

You are never walking alone when Jesus is by your side. But, if you’d like some company, The Journey – Step by Step Christian podcast debuts on March 20th. With a mixture of compelling testimonies, in-depth Bible studies and roundtable discussions with other Christians on real-world topics, there is something for everyone walking the walk of faith.

New Trilogy of Christian Novels Ideal Reading for Lent, Easter

Christian readers searching for an inspired choice for a book discussion group or their own Holy Week reading may want to consider a trilogy of critically acclaimed historical novels by author Barry Connolly. The series centers on the trials and triumphs of men and women of faith in the earliest days of Christianity. More information can be found at

Author Publishes Book on the Way a Christian ‘Lives’ with God

Rev. Wayne Johnston recently released his new book called “Reflections On Living A Christian Life.” This book is very different. Wayne discusses the first Christians and how they led a Spirit-filled, real-time relationship with God; he tells us that this is what we are called to do today. He speaks to believers and non-believers alike. Wayne points out that earliest Christians were called ‘Followers Of The Way.’ He then describes in detail what the ‘Way’ was/is, the ‘Way’ to know God.

Small Releases ‘The New Apostolic Epoch’

We are on the edge of an apostolic epoch destined to alter the face of the church. God is committed to His purposes, and there are times in history, when he charges ahead, dragging his people along, calling for us to follow boldly and bravely to places we have never gone before – we are in one of those times.

Christian Novel Brings War in Heaven Down to Earth

“The Loyal Angel” is a Christian Fiction novel that tells the story of the creation of the world and the rebellion of Satan from the perspective of an angel who was there and must choose a side.

New Book Inspires Young Christians to ‘Think Outside the Box’

As an established model in Chicago, Amy Joob traveled around the United States and Canada as a team captain for Porsche Cars North America and as a fitness model and product specialist for MET-Rx. She also did an array of jobs in print, runway, bridal, informal modeling, and trade shows.

The Power of Christ in Your Life

The Church didn’t begin as a political or social movement, or even as a new religion. Rather, it began in the miracle-working, compassionate power of Jesus Christ. This is spiritual power—God’s power—to change the lives of human beings, the power to heal sickness and disease. In his new book, The Power of Christ in YOUR Life, Warren R. Angel, a longtime minister, says Christ’s power is real and still working today through the lives of believers because God loves all people everywhere.

Author Equips Ministry Leaders to Build a Healthy Church

In a blog post “Twenty-Five Signs of a Healthy Church,” Marvin Owen points out, “There’s no question that church health is a work of God. But there’s also no question that He uses people to accomplish it. As a healthy person gives attention to proper diet, adequate rest, and regular exercise, healthy churches give attention to those things that are most important for their vitality.”

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