Bible Translation Movement Eyes Scripture Access for All Deaf Sign Languages by 2033

A newly launched movement to make the Bible available in every language in the next 12 years is also aiming to reach 70 million Deaf people who use visual sign language to communicate.

Group Releases Book Highlighting Discipling the Next Generation

Purposeful Design Publications (PDP) is excited to release a new book examining the importance of Christian schooling and ways to biblically disciple the next generation.

Rediscover Your Passion for Living a Life of Purpose

Did you know you were created on purpose and for a purpose? Author, speaker, and activist Christine Caine will host a free global online event, beginning next Monday, April 5 through Friday, April 9, 2021. The Thrive Again 5-Day Challenge, where participants will learn how to cultivate a vibrant life and embrace the peace and joy offered to them by Jesus. As John 10:10 states, “The thief only comes to steal, kill, and destroy. I came that they may have life, and may have it abundantly.”

New Redemption Book Encourages Self-Reflection

2020 marks the centennial of the nineteenth Amendment, which granted US women the right to vote and was a huge step in gaining women’s equality.* Today, women still fight for equal rights and use recognition of women’s achievements as one manner to continue to effect positive change.

‘Filling the Void’ Addresses Addiction Within the Church

Drug and alcohol addiction is not a new problem–but its numbers are rising in today’s stressful times, says addiction expert Steven T. Ginsburg. Studies show that isolation, financial challenges, and dysfunctional home environments are a recipe for increased drug and alcohol usage, with stress often being the precursor to initial drug use. Especially when a person does not know Christ, they may attempt to fill the void with drugs, alcohol, or other risky behaviors. But addiction is not selective, and its grip can also be found in the homes of many Christians, says Ginsburg, a recovering addict and alcoholic.

Compilation Birthed from Dream of Encouraging Women

After the name “She Writes for Him” dropped into her heart on a spring day in 2019, Athena Dean Holtz of Redemption Press said, “I somehow knew it would start as a book compilation, then a podcast, then a bootcamp or writers’ retreat, and finally a conference.”

New Book Lets Children Know They Are Loved and Can Share Love

April marks National Poetry Month, a celebration of poetry’s important place in our lives. For children, poems that rhyme can be easily memorized and still remembered into adulthood. According to The Memory Institute, “Rhyme, rhythm, repetition and melody can all act as an aid to forming memories. Our brains have an amazing auditory capacity.”

Leading Up to Easter: What You Don’t Know About the New Testament Will Surprise You

Bible scholars N.T. Wright and Michael F. Bird say the New Testament is filled with startling and unforeseen twists. According to Wright, “When we see Jesus announcing the kingdom of God saying the time is fulfilled, this is the time for God to become King, we also see Jesus doing all kinds of things like healing people and celebrating with all the ‘wrong’ kinds of folk, and then explaining that this is what it looks like when God becomes King. It is not what people expected.”

Bible Gateway, the most visited Christian website in the world, is hosting The New Testament You Never Knew Online Bible Study, presented by Drs. Wright and Bird, from March 8-April 4, 2021. Free registration for the event is at

Based on the lessons of The New Testament You Never Knew DVD (Zondervan, 2019), this study will lead participants on a unique virtual journey showing the lands where Jesus taught, the apostle Paul preached, and the early church took root before expanding throughout the Roman Empire. Wright and Bird walk the soil as step-by-step guides, teaching the story behind the story of the New Testament, how it came to be written, why it was written and what it means for life today.

Wright describes one aspect of just how revolutionary and disruptive were the events of the New Testament when he says the apostle Paul “is obsessed with Jesus. He can’t stop talking about Jesus. Something had happened with Jesus’ death and resurrection which made Paul realize that the God of Israel, who was the creator God, had done something radical and shocking and unexpected.”
Participants of this Online Bible Study will receive the following free downloads and online access to enhance their experience:

• Two chapters from The New Testament in Its World by N.T. Wright and Michael F. Bird

• Session one of The New Testament You Never Knew Study Guide

• A page of insightful and memorable quotes from the teaching of N.T. Wright

• Bible Gateway’s colorful timeline Infographic of Holy Week

• Access to four video lessons with Drs. Wright and Bird. These videos will release week-by-week, no additional registration required.

Bible Gateway ranks number one on global search engines, is part of HarperCollins Christian Publishing, Inc., and is home to more than 200 Bible versions in more than 70 languages–a trusted resource for people in more than 200 countries who rely on it every day for all their desktop and mobile device Bible reading, listening, studying, searching, comparing, and sharing needs.

(SOURCE: Bible Gateway via Christian Newswire)

Author Points to Healer for Abused Women

Roses and heart-shaped candy boxes are everywhere, just days before Valentine’s Day. Lovers and others are figuring out how to celebrate during this still-distanced winter.

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