New Book Offers Hope for Those Struggling with God’s Plan and Timing

Lori and Bryan Schumaker were sure they were in God’s will. They knew the little orphan girl in Bulgaria was the one God had created to be theirs—but His plan and His timing did not match theirs. Despite several affirmations and nudges that seemed to be from the Holy Spirit, so many obstacles came between them and their little one that the adoption they were longing for at times seemed hopeless. In fact, at one point they were told another family had adopted the child.

Children See Jesus Through the Eyes of a Country Mouse

The Bible reveals very little about Jesus’s young life. Between his infancy and the start of his ministry, we only see him once–as a twelve-year-old in Jerusalem.

New Bible Study Will Foster Stronger Family Relationships

Why do we have so much dysfunction and brokenness within our families and communities? Rene Howitt, founder of COPE24, believes the way to break the cycle of dysfunction for the sake of future generations is through education and prevention. If 64 percent of children grow up in homes facing at least one long-term childhood adversity, then it’s likely the remaining 36 percent of children from healthy families will marry into dysfunction.* And many of these dysfunctional family members are associated with a church or faith-based community.

‘Giving Hope An Address: The Teen Challenge Legacy Story’

A recently released book titled “Giving Hope An Address” chronicles the lives of David and Don Wilkerson in the establishment of the worldwide rehabilitation ministry of Teen Challenge. Julie Wilkerson Klose, the niece of David Wilkerson and daughter of Don Wilkerson, takes readers behind the scenes in the lives of these two brothers and tells a powerful story of the power of prayer and the burden to reach those lost in addiction.

‘Limitless Thinking, Limitless Living,’ Shatters Limitations

Most of us have heard the phrase, “God has big plans for you.” It’s nice to think about, but we often find it easier to believe God has big plans for other people, not us. Ministry leader and television personality, Danette Crawford, says this is the result of limited thinking.

A Story of Risk, Faith and Reward

Christ for All Nations (CfaN) is thrilled to release, Into the Unknown, a new book by Executive Vice President, Peter Vandenberg.

‘Transformational Truth’ Offers Answers

The current feeding frenzy over Judge Brett Kavanaugh is the latest demonstration of how the climate of our culture has come unhinged from any sense of values, moral purpose, or timeless truth. In 1954 attorney Joseph Welch shamed a similar witch hunt during the Army McCarthy hearings when he asked Senator Joe McCarthy: “Have you no sense of decency?” Character assassination has sadly become commonplace.

New Book Reveals ‘The Right Fight’ Changes Everything

In “The Right Fight: How To Live A Loving Life,” Kenny Vaughan reveals the real and revolutionary truth about love and fear and the right fight that changes everything.

Taking God to Work in Hurricane Florence Cleanup

Clean-up from Hurricane Florence is the perfect opportunity for Christians to demonstrate their faith in action. Authors of the new book, Taking God to Work: The Keys to Ultimate Success, suggest everyone involved in the recovery effort is executing God’s plan for work.

Based on a True Story, ‘The Kingdom Child’ Released

A true story of what happens during a coma and how God’s plans are always best, even when we don’t agree.

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