New Release Examines What it Takes to be Truly Born Again

Many repeat a sinner’s prayer and think that’s their guarantee to admittance to heaven. Author Denise Wilson says, “We aren’t saved by repeating a prayer. No one ever has been saved, or ever will be saved, apart from the conviction of sin, repentance, and true faith in the person and work of the Lord Jesus Christ.” In a new release, Seven Words You Never Want to Hear: How to Be Sure You Won’t (Redemption Press), Wilson takes a hard look at assumptions people make about becoming a Christian.

New Podcast Features Teaching from R.C. Sproul

Ligonier Ministries has announced the release of a new podcast, Ultimately with R.C. Sproul. Drawn from a lifetime of Bible study, this podcast features classic teaching moments from Dr. Sproul as well as some content that has never been released before. New episodes will be released every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and listeners can subscribe to the podcast today at

‘Canaan Land’ is First Faith-Based Film to Face-Off for Oscar

Richard Rossi was a maverick minister in Pittsburgh when he discovered televangelists faking miracles for money. He vented his anger with writing. Rossi journeyed from scripture to script, writing “Canaan Land” a novel about a con-man preacher who falls in love with a sincere Christian and repents of fleecing the flock.

Documentary Touts ‘The True Christian History of America’

“The True Christian History of America” is a new documentary that explores the Bible-based Christian origins of the early American view of freedom, tracing the principles of liberty back to England, Magna Carta, and the great Reformation.

Webinar Speaks to Churches Facing Religious Freedom Issues

The Alliance Defending Freedom, Focus on the Family, and the Evangelical Council for Abuse Prevention will participate in an upcoming webinar Dec. 9 hosted by boys adventure movement Trail Life USA ( to help churches address liabilities they may face in the wake of Boy Scouts of America’s Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing earlier this year, and challenges to religious freedoms that cloud the horizon.

Group Announces Release of ‘When We Last Spoke’

If you missed WHEN WE LAST SPOKE in theaters last month, now you can watch the family-friendly film from home as it debuts today on Christian Cinema’s paid streaming platform.

Bible Gateway Offers Free Online Bible Study

The year 2020 has been packed with anxiety producing challenges and hardships from the COVID-19 pandemic, social unrest, and more; and it’s not over yet. Bible Gateway, the most visited Christian website in the world, is sponsoring the free Overcomer Online Bible Study with pastor, author, and broadcaster Dr. David Jeremiah November 9–December 25, 2020 to help end 2020 with the overcoming victory that comes from putting on the armor of God. Free registration for the event is at

Reconsidering Your Current Perspective of God

Crest Publishers is proud to debut a new book, “Proper Perspective” from Ben Nelson. The book will release on 12/1/2020 and will be available for pre-sale on 11/1/2020.

New Book Approaches What’s at Stake in the 2020 Election and Beyond

The new book ‘American Crisis: Cultural Marxism and The Culture War – A Christian Response’ by Jefrey D. Breshears is an incisive analysis of the origins and effects of the culture war raging in America today.

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