I Never Felt So Welcomed…

The following testimony was written by Hannah Franklin, a 16-year-old who attends North Cleveland Church of God in Cleveland, Tennessee. This is her firsthand story of a recent missions trip.

A Life Story of Pain and Heartache Turned to Joy

Our world is in desperate need of heroes and heroines who choose to live well in spite of overwhelming circumstances and enormous disappointment. How we choose to live during the most difficult moments of our lives will actually write the story of our legacy.

Child Born Without Eyes; Parents See God’s Gifts

From a combined birth defect so rare only 50 other cases exist in the world, Christian Buchanan was born without eyes. Now, in her new book, Through the Eyes of Hope, Christian’s mom, Lacey Buchanan, tells the gripping story of how God helped two parents see the worst circumstances radiate with glory.

No Stent Miracle!

On a recent ministry trip to Hong Kong, Poppi Smith, wife of Tommy Smith, regional superintendent/representative South Pacific Region/Indonesia, experienced chest and arm pains during a flight.

Trauma Survivor Shares Her Path to Restored Confidence

Trauma shatters a person’s confidence. Whether it’s the trauma of physical abuse, a devastating illness, relational loss, or a life-changing accident, the survivor typically has a deep sense of brokenness, and sometimes shame, even though she did not do anything wrong. The unrelenting pain and self-condemning thoughts fracture her self-worth: “You’re not as strong as you thought; you’re not as good as you thought; you’re not as indestructible.”

Singer Carman Testifies of Being 100% Cancer-Free

I still remember when I did an exclusive interview with gospel music sensation Carman. It wasn’t too long after he got his cancer diagnosis—and he was mad with the devil.

From Pastor to Church Planter: A Story of Transition

I have not always known I was called to plant a church. In fact, I feared planting a church and, for the majority of my life, did not consider myself capable of doing so.

Who’s Holding Your Hand?

Henrique (Henry) Rosa of Montes Claros, Goias, Brazil has an amazing testimony about God’s delivering power! Rosa first found the Lord Jesus Christ in 1999. He was a professional scuba diver that searched for diamonds, gold, crystal and other valuable gems that were buried up to 4-5 meters deep in the mud in the rivers between Sao Paulo and Rio Grande in Minas Gerais, Brazil. As a new convert, he faced many temptations.

The Value of a Life Restored

Evergreen … a small community in the Black Hills of the Pine Ridge Reservation of South Dakota. Frances Yellowboy bounded from his house and headed on his bike to his uncle’s.

The Life And Legacy of A Visionary Dad

My beloved friend, Bishop Kenneth C. Ulmer, told me, “A giant tree has fallen. Your dad was a joy and blessing to all of us!”

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