Film Series Aims to Reignite Passion for Evangelism

Christ for all Nations (CfaN) is proud to announce the rerelease of founder Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke’s epic, 8-part film series, Full Flame. Full Flame seamlessly blends cinematic narrative with conversational teachings to ignite a fire for evangelism in the hearts of individuals, small groups, and congregations.

‘God Bless the USA Bible’ in Pre-Sale

“I’m proud to be an American” are words that still ring, bringing instant association to the song, “God Bless The USA” — the patriotic tribute that’s been called “America’s Second National Anthem.”

New Christian Song for Kids Tackles Issues of Identity, Self-Esteem

Created by the family who produced America’s first Christian children’s album to sell 1 million copies, “Stars and Dots” is now available on all digital platforms.

Christians Prepare Worldwide for Outreach

If you have never shared your faith, you are not alone. Ninety-five percent of Christians have never shared their faith according to Less than two percent are involved in a ministry of evangelism. And 71 percent don’t give towards the Great Commission. Next month is GO Month with the entire month devoted to evangelistic outreaches worldwide in 150 nations. GO Day is on May 29 where Christians are encouraged to share their faith with at least one person.

Russia Gospel Surge ‘Is COVID Silver Lining’ as Thousands Hear About Christ

Russian Christians going door-to-door in the bitter cold reached thousands more children and families with the Gospel over the past few months than ever before — largely because of COVID-19.

The Gospel Challenge Launches Easter Outreach

With the uncertainty created by the pandemic, people need the hope of Jesus more than ever this Easter.

Groups Working Together in Discipleship of Africa

African Enterprise Australia and Oasis International have come together “to evangelize the cities of Africa through Word and Deed in partnership with the Church” and “to equip Africa’s leaders to impact the global church.”

When God Heals–Hope for Cancer Patients–A True Story

Imagine the news, “You have a rare, stage three aggressive inflammatory breast cancer.” What would your first response be? Her new book, It Was Not My Time, is the story of Anna Mitchell’s response to what should have been life’s most devastating news. It’s a story of a devoted wife of seventeen years and proud mother of two sons who was not going to let those words define her or change her.

One Sunday while worshiping during church service, God gave Anna the most incredible gift; He healed her. He physically entered her body and enveloped her from head to toe. She felt His presence like never before and the peace she experienced is unexplainable. After her healing, a CT scan confirmed what she already knew, the cancer was gone.

Anna knows that God has always had a purpose for her life as He does all of us. She believes she battled for her life to find her true purpose, which is to honor Him in all things. With a new purpose as precious to her as her healing, Anna’s greatest desire is that her message provides hope and brings comfort to others. She wrote her story, believing that it would help you or someone you know get through some of the seemingly darkest days of life. He didn’t take Anna home because it wasn’t her time.

It Was Not My Time by Anna Mitchell, 96 pages, PB, $9.99. ISBN: 978-1-951561-44-4. Published by River Birch Press (2020). Distributed by Ingram and River Birch Press publishes books with a Christian worldview. Its mission is to empower readers for fruitful living.

(SOURCE: The Book Experts via Christian Newswire)

‘Emmanuel’ Intimately Acquaints Readers with Jesus

FIRST15, which offers daily, online and printed 15-minute devotionals that are easy to understand and relatable to everyday life, announces a new book – Emmanuel. Perfect reading for the Christmas season, Emmanuel features 29 days of devotionals to help participants create a deeper understanding of and more intimate relationship with Jesus.

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