Not Your Typical Children’s Church

Pre-school and elementary-aged children experienced a different kind of children’s church at last week’s Church of God International General Assembly in Nashville.

Missionary Evangelists Reach Kids

Charles and Mavis Thornton serve as Missionary Evangelists to Latin America, with efforts recently focused in Costa Rica. Missionary Evangelists are those who feel a call to evangelism ministry on the missions field.

How You Can Make Your Prayers More Powerful

Jesus made prayer a priority for his life. We read that Jesus spoke to things such as the fig tree (Matt. 21:19), the little girl, saying, “Arise” (Mark 5:41), and He said to the storm, “Peace be still” (Mark 4:39, MEV).

False Assumptions About Children’s Ministry

Often people who are not involved in children’s ministry have false assumptions about it. Here are seven of the most common, along with how to respond and help people see the truth:

Women’s Service Was a Highlight of General Assembly

Nashville, TN–Over 2,000 women gathered Tuesday night, July 19 at the Music City Center for the General Assembly women’s worship service, hosted by International Women’s Discipleship.

M. Thomas Propes Assistant Director of World Missions

Having fulfilled the position of secretary general with the Church of God Executive Committee, Dr. M. Thomas Propes now brings his abilities and dedication to the World Missions ministries.

How the Holy Spirit Works as Your Helper in Any Situation

Help! I choked as I said this word, bungling my way past my seatmate to hustle to the lavatory at the back of the airplane for the umpteenth time.

10 Traits of the Healthiest Churches A Decade From Now

Please don’t stone me if I get one of these 10 traits wrong.

And while there is a good bit of subjectivity in this article, I think I am basing my projections on clear and evident trends.

WAKE 2016: Church Under A Bridge… And More

(Note: The following is a testimonial from a participant in WAKE, a four-day student missions experience in conjunction with the 2016 International General Assembly:)

David M. Griffis — New World Missions Director

A product of Church of God World Missions influence, David Griffis comes to World Missions to extend his own effect upon world evangelization, initiated by his father, Garland Griffis, who served many years as a World Missions field representative.

How Is Your Church Serving the Community?

“What is this church doing for the community?”

In our nine years as a church, I’ve found this to be one of the most commonly asked questions by Christians, mostly millennials, who visit our church.

How You Can Be Triumphant in Times of Transition

It was just after 3 a.m., and I was walking up to my front porch having just completed a nightwatch prayer shift at our church. The Lord had been speaking to me that week about change, but I didn’t know what He was referring to.

Why You Should Imitate Paul’s Attitude of Forgiveness

Have you ever been disappointed in people? You’ve befriended, encouraged and mentored them, yet, at some point, they have walked away, never saying thank you.

Six Ways Leaders Can Remain Relevant

In a recent podcast, virtual mentor Michael Hyatt revealed that as he became increasingly successful, he discovered more and more layers isolating and detaching him from the people he was trying to help.

The Church of God ‘First Lady: Paula Hill

The Church of God is blessed to have Paula Hill as its new First Lady. Her warmth and compassion will beautifully complement her husband, Tim Hill, as he leads the church as General Overseer.

General Council Deals With Agenda Items

Nashville, TN—The Church of God International General Council, the group of ordained bishops registered and attending last week’s International General Assembly in Nashville, began their business session on Tuesday, July 19. Following Presiding Bishop Mark Williams’ “State of the Church Address,” corporate prayer, and communion, the General Council participated in the ordinance of foot washing. The experience set a unique and beautiful tone for the ensuing business of the church.

Foundation: “We Stand Ready to Advise”

The Foundation for Moral Law, an Alabama legal foundation dedicated to strict adherence to the Constitution as intended by its Framers, urged school boards and other governmental bodies to make sure they have the full picture before caving in to the demands that religious aspects of the culture be removed from the public arena.

New Book Helps Christians Have a Better Understanding of What It Really Means to be a Christian in Today’s World

Caridad Rivera’s new book, The Life of a Christian,  is for everyone looking to know more about the Christian lifestyle. She encourages all readers to have a closer walk with the Lord and to see that being a Christian is much more than just sitting on a bench and listening to a sermon. This book is ideal for a new Christian serving God for the first time or a practicing Christian who may be struggling with their beliefs. She answers many important questions including: What are the struggles Christians may face? How can one live a life pleasing unto God in the mist of adversities? Is it really necessary to pray? Whose job is it to prepare the Christian for the coming of Christ? Why is it necessary for Christians to have the Fruit of the Spirit? Anyone who has ever contemplated these or other Christian-related questions is encouraged to read this book.

Tim Hill to Take Office as General Overseer

The next general overseer of the Church of God is ready to lead from a global perspective.

Next Generation Alliance Connects in DC

Over 140 members and guests of Luis Palau Association’s Next Generation Alliance (NGA) gathered for the Connect Conference in Washington DC July 14-16, 2016. Participants, coming from across the United States and around the world, met to network, share ideas on evangelism and ministry, and hear from speakers on the theme of Engagement.

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