Important Leadership Decisions Coming During General Assembly

Every general assembly of the Church of God includes vital decisions, but the upcoming 76th International General Assembly (GA16) will carry with it some momentous decisions about future leadership.

Groups Launch Movement in Support of Persecuted Middle East Christians

The first annual “The Bridge” conference, a gathering of NGOs, government officials, church leaders, and others concerned about the intolerable persecution being perpetrated against Christians and other religious minorities, is set for July 7-9 in Washington DC and is free for attendees. This timely conference is primarily focused on the plight of Christians and the disappearing church in the Middle East. This movement of leaders will meet to discuss the situation on the ground for Christians and other religious minorities in the Middle East, as well as possible policies to secure their future in the region.

Christian Cinema Announces App Streaming Top Faith Films

The world’s largest library of Christian and family films–the booming movie category–now is a single click away with’s release of the first-ever Apple TV streaming app for families of faith.

Miracles at Entebbe: 40 Years Since the Historic Rescue

If you’ve never heard of Entebbe you’ve probably never heard of what makes Entebbe famous, or why that matters.

200churches Podcast to Feature The VITAL Initiative

The VITAL Initiative is being featured on the 200churches Podcast in June. In May, Pastor Michael Nations, founding director of The VITAL Initiative, traveled to the 200churches studio in Orange City, Iowa to tape two episodes for the Podcast. The lively discussion centers around the frustrations of pastors serving small churches trying to find their place in the world, in the church/denomination and ultimately in God’s redemptive plan. The first episode was released June 1.

Silent Movie Surprises at Christian Film Industry Awards Night

Christian filmmakers converged on Cincinnati last week for the annual International Christian Visual Media Conference, culminating with the Crown Awards Night. Fifty of the top dramatic films, comedies, documentaries, television series, and shorts were up for gold, silver, and bronze awards in fifteen categories. The evening ended with “Providence,” a silent love story receiving four of the coveted Crown awards including Best Picture – Bronze; Best Drama Under $250,000 – Gold; Best Youth Film – Bronze; and Best Evangelistic Film – Silver.

Jesus-Centered Bible Receives Christian Retailing Best Award

The top-selling ‘Jesus-Centered Bible (NLT)’ recently received the “Best Devotional/Study Bible” award at the 2016 International Christian Retail Show in Cincinnati, OH.

DVD Bible Study Brings the Miracles of Jesus to Life

Rose Publishing released a top-of-the-line Bible study this month by Dr. Matt Williams of BIOLA University: Miracles of Jesus Deeper Connections DVD Bible Study (Rose Publishing). Featuring footage of Israel and a plethora of the world’s top scholars in New Testament studies from Wheaton, Talbot Theological Seminary, and more, this DVD study is unlike any other released by Rose Publishing.

Lee University, USA HEM Sign Historic Agreement

On June 21, 2016, Lee University signed a historic agreement with the USA Hispanic Educational Ministries (HEM) of the Church of God Division of Education. The Memorandum of Understanding allows students from properly-registered Hispanic Bible Institutes to transfer up to 30 semester hours after completing twelve hours as a student at Lee University—either on campus or as an online student in the Division of Adult Learning.

Supreme Court Strikes Down Texas Abortion Regulations

Life Legal was at the Supreme Court as it rendered its decision in Whole Woman’s Health v. Hellerstedt, the first abortion-related case to reach the Court in nearly ten years. The Court held that requiring abortion facilities to adhere to the same medical provisions as other ambulatory clinics was “unnecessary” and constituted an “undue burden” for women seeking abortion.

Top Christian Writers Conference Set for Dallas

Roaring Lambs Ministries, a ministry that encourages people to amplify their Christian faith, will hold its 11th annual Christian Writer’s Conference on Saturday, July 16th at the Hotel Intercontinental in Addison, Texas. The Hotel Intercontinental is located at 15201 Dallas Parkway.

Christian Films Win Top Honors at ICVM Crown Awards

International Christian Visual Media awarded the coveted Crown Awards to outstanding films and documentaries at the annual conference, June 22-25, 2016.

Operation Compassion Responds to West Virginia Flooding

West Virginia was hit late last week with what is being called “a 1,000 year flood” after torrential rains dropped more than 10 inches of rain in several counties, the worst being in Greenbrier County where 17 people were killed and scores of homes and businesses were destroyed. In other locations, at least 8 people were killed bringing the total death toll to at least 25 with some people still reported as missing.

Pentecostal Leaders Pack Out Trump’s New Christian Advisory Board

Donald Trump’s campaign announced its new evangelical advisory board Tuesday (June 21) as the presumptive presidential nominee met with nearly 1,000 conservative Christians.

Bible Institute Announces Gathering in Cuba

After 20 years of providing online Bible courses to more than 43,000 Christian leaders throughout Latin America, the Luis Palau Bible Institute is planning an historic gathering in Cuba this November. The program, which will focus on live training for hundreds of local pastors, will be a first for the region. It is being accomplished in partnership with the International Bible Society (known as Biblica), Logos Christian University, the Luis Palau Association, and local leaders.

Contrasting Religious Leaders Preach in Ocean Grove

The OCEAN GROVE CAMP MEETING ASSOCIATION (OGCMA) is a Christian ministry committed to providing opportunities for spiritual birth, growth, renewal and recreation in a seaside setting that helps pastors and their churches achieve their mission in the world. Indeed, the central feature of religious activity at Ocean Grove each summer is its series of Sunday Worship Services in The Great Auditorium, each conducted by a different minister, pastor, or noted religious speaker from different churches nationwide.

Theological Seminary of the Church of God in Haiti Celebrates 60 Years

The need for the training of the ministry was part of the heart-cry of the Church of God in Haiti from the very beginning of its existence in 1933. The first overseer had been an Episcopal minister, before being baptized in the Holy Spirit and later making contact with the Church of God. So he knew the value of a prepared ministry. While he still had only fifteen members, he started planning to train ministers and wrote to our General Overseer, “In order to make the work grow, I must have workers.”

Aliyah Day: Celebrating a Miraculous Return

Israel recently declared a new national holiday, one that is uniquely appropriate given the makeup of the Jewish state. Aliyah (Immigration) Day will be a celebration of Israel and its people, who hail, quite literally, from “the four corners of the earth” (Isaiah 11:12).

Group to Hold Prayer Vigil Concerning Gun Violence

Washington, DC–The vigil will be on Thursday, June 23, at 11:00 A.M. outside of his Washington, D.C. office located at 1233 Longworth HOB.

World Congress of Families Holds Conference in Argentina

The first World Congress of Families Regional Conference in Argentina – “Declining Fertility: The Plague of the 21st Century” – was held in the city of Salta, from June 14-15, 2016, at The Salta Provincial Theatre.

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