The Demonic Roots of White Supremacy

I had just finished performing a wedding in North Carolina last Saturday when I checked my phone and saw the alarming news: White supremacists were marching in Charlottesville, Virginia, to protest the removal of a Confederate statue. A few minutes later, when my friends were about to begin the wedding reception with a barbecue feast, I learned that a 20-year-old white nationalist had plowed his Dodge Challenger into a group of counter-protesters, killing one person and injuring 19 others.

A Letter to America the Beautiful

Bishop Darryl Husband, senior pastor of Mount Olivet Church, a multi-cultural, multi-generational church in Richmond, Virginia, released the following:

Pastoral Commitment to the Ministry of Social Reconciliation

For the last 19 years Sue and I have been honored to serve as lead pastors of New Harvest Church of God in Knoxville, Tennessee.

Let’s Trade Our Titles for True Humility

Last week when I was preaching in the nation of Iceland, I befriended three young foreign students from Africa who were visiting our conference near Reykjavik. I noticed these guys were sitting in the back of the auditorium, so I invited them to sit with me up front. They later admitted to me that I was the first preacher they’d ever met who greeted people before a service.

Are You Missing the Power of the Spirit?

I knew a pastor who instructed his worship leader to remove songs that mentioned the Holy Spirit, and another who removed songs about the blood of Christ. How sad—in their zeal to avoid charismatic excesses and offensive truths, these pastors actually quenched and grieved the Spirit.

How Beth Moore Is Calling Down Pentecostal Fire

I’ve been in countless Christian meetings over the years, but last week, I witnessed one of the most remarkable spiritual moments of my lifetime.

Stepping Into Your Kingly Call as a Friend of God

You are a vital force to be released on the earth to bring forth the kingdom of God. I believe today the Lord is looking for friends on the earth. Like the patriarch Abraham who was a king, God desires our friendship to accomplish His will and to enjoy us as His sons and daughters.

Don’t Misuse the Gift of Personal Prophecy

Twelve years ago, when I was preaching at a Brazilian congregation in Florida, the Lord directed my attention to a young teenager sitting in the back of the church. He was leaning his head against the wall and looking very bored. But God gave me a prophetic message for this curly-headed guy, so I asked him to stand; then I spoke to him about his spiritual calling.

The Most Dangerous Prayer in the Bible

More than 19 years ago, I found myself at a church altar in Orlando, Florida. God had been dealing with me about leaving my comfort zone. I had a great job with nice benefits, yet I felt spiritually unfulfilled. I knew there was an amazing adventure in front of me, but I had placed serious limitations on my obedience.

Why New Churches and Campuses Grow

People who attend churches or multisite campuses started in the last 5 years are 52% more likely to invite friends and family to “consider faith in Jesus Christ” than at any other time in the life of the church.

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