Does CNN’s ‘Finding Jesus’ Tell the Truth About Our Savior?

Have you ever lied about a relationship to protect yourself? Or told close friends you didn’t believe them … about something really important? Maybe you can identify with Peter or Thomas, subjects of the two remaining episodes in CNN’s second season of Finding Jesus: Faith, Fact, Forgery.

Six Signs of a “Toxic” Apostle

I’ve just spent two weeks in South America, where the Holy Spirit is moving in unprecedented ways. Churches are growing and average Christians are sharing their faith passionately. One recent Pew Research study showed that 1 in 5 Latin Americans now identifies as an evangelical Christian—and a majority of these are Pentecostals.

A Simple Way to Obey One of the Hardest Commands in the Bible

Do you find it uncomfortable to share your faith?

Does Knowing the Gospel Influence Your Well-being?

Teleios, Inc., announces the results of a survey conducted among young self-described evangelical Christians evaluating confidence in salvation and association with well-being and adherence to faith.

The Prophetic Power of Praying in Tongues

Many years ago, while washing the breakfast dishes, I was praying in tongues. I’m not sure how long I had been praying in the Spirit; I only know that I found myself leaning against the kitchen wall and I heard myself say aloud to the Lord, “An orphanage?”

House Bill 421: ‘The Church Vigilante Bill’

The following is an opinion submitted by Chuck Chadwick, Founder and President of National Organization for Church Security and Safety Management:

Religion-Related Violence: Cause and Cure

One of most urgent needs facing Christians today involves effectively dealing with unprecedented confrontational encounters between diverse faith groups and their devotees.

Ten Qualities of Healthy Mentors

Throughout my Christian journey, God sent special people to be my role models and mentors. One of those, a youth pastor named Barry, invited me to his home for a weekly Bible study when I was just 15. He taught me how to have a private prayer time with God—and now, many decades later, he’s still a close mentor and an example of how to be a man of God.

Give Up Your Small Ambitions!

A Missional Commentary on Ash Wednesday 2017.

Texas Leads the Way to End Abortion in America

The following speech was recently delivered at the State Capital of Texas by Rev. Rusty Lee Thomas, National Director of Operation Save America. It was given in support of Texas Bill HB 948, which would outlaw abortion in Texas.

The Holy Spirit Wants to Fill You Again

On Feb. 17, 1967, exactly 50 years ago this month, a miracle happened near Pittsburgh that the world has largely ignored. It happened at a small Catholic retreat center called The Ark and the Dove, where a group of students from Duquesne University had gathered for a weekend of prayer. Suddenly, and without any warning, those students were baptized in the Holy Spirit.

One of the Biggest Ways Christians Quench Holy Spirit’s Work

“The gratification of the flesh and the fullness of the Spirit do not go hand in hand” (R.A. Torrey).

Five Real-Life Steps to Hear Holy Spirit’s Voice Daily

God must often feel like shouting, “Can you hear me now?”

Religious Liberty is Imperiled

Commentator Bill Donohue addresses the most pressing civil liberties issue of our time:

Are All Religions Equally Violent?

A study of ancient Islam shows they are not. See new documentary: “What Would Muhammad Do?”

How to Love People Across the Political Divide

Our country has always enjoyed lively political debate. But psychologists and sociologists have noticed that the 2016 election took the United States to a whole new level of polarization. The animosity is hot—and getting hotter. In fact, couples have gotten divorced and families have stopped speaking to each other because a massive chasm separates Red and Blue political platforms.

Ten Steps to Finding Your Life Partner

This year, five young friends of mine are getting married: Anibál met his future wife at his church in California, Vitaliy met his fiancée at Christ for the Nations Institute, KC found David on the mission field, Ben met Tiffany while studying at Regent University, and Doug—who has been waiting the longest for his bride—got engaged to Danya last week on his 32nd birthday.

Don’t Close Your Heart to Refugees

My friend Matt Hyde lives in Boise, Idaho, a city that is 89 percent white. After he became the pastor of Discovery Church in 2013, he learned that refugees from many countries were living in Boise. They are from Bosnia, Serbia, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Nepal, Bhutan, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Congo, Togo and Sudan.

Trump Administration Gives Hope to Persecuted Christians

Christian Freedom International supports President Trump’s executive order regarding refugee resettlement.

Why We Need a Totally New Women’s Movement

Last Saturday, one day after President Trump’s inauguration, a huge group of women in pink hats made history when they took to the nation’s streets to demand gender equality. Almost 500,000 women (and a few men) marched in Washington, and more than 600 smaller marches were staged in cities all over the world. There was no violence—which means, to their credit, these women behaved themselves as they took advantage of their right to free speech.

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