Facebook Censors Popular Pastor for Christian Posts

Steven Andrew has been called the Facebook pastor and was asked to run for president by social media fans. He reached as many as one million people on a post. However, he believes Facebook censored 20 million people from him since November, because he takes a Christian stand. Andrew is pastor of USA Christian Church and author of “Jesus Makes America Great.”

Despite Persecution Christianity Exploding in Bangladesh

Is the fourth largest Muslim nation in the world, and place of many terrorist activities, on the path to becoming a peaceful Christian nation? The “Uncounted Converts” believe so.

Payout to Georgia Pastor a Victory for Religious Freedom

Family Research Council (FRC) is pleased to learn the news that First Liberty Institute has reached a settlement agreement between the State of Georgia and its client, Dr. Eric Walsh. First Liberty reported that the State of Georgia agreed to pay $225,000 to settle Dr. Walsh’s religious discrimination lawsuit.

Church Persecuted During Super Bowl Outreach/Watch Party

Kingdom Footsteps United Ministries launches “Church on the Go” through their first event: Super Bowl 51 Watch Party.

Discrimination Ends Against Christian Club in Public School

In a victory for Child Evangelism Fellowship®, its after-school Good News Club® can now continue to distribute promotional flyers to K-5 students in the Cascade School District.

Christian Vindicated in 2011 Arrest

PASADENA, Calif.– Today, three federal appellate judges in the Ninth Circuit issued a final ruling in favor of a Christian man, Mark Mackey, who was arrested for reading the Bible aloud in front of the California Department of Motor Vehicles in Hemet, CA in 2011.

Religious Colleges Under Attack in Calif.

Bill Donohue comments on an anti-religious freedom bill in California:

Groups Launch Movement in Support of Persecuted Middle East Christians

The first annual “The Bridge” conference, a gathering of NGOs, government officials, church leaders, and others concerned about the intolerable persecution being perpetrated against Christians and other religious minorities, is set for July 7-9 in Washington DC and is free for attendees. This timely conference is primarily focused on the plight of Christians and the disappearing church in the Middle East. This movement of leaders will meet to discuss the situation on the ground for Christians and other religious minorities in the Middle East, as well as possible policies to secure their future in the region.

Reaction to Terrorists Varies by Religion

Bill Donohue comments on the way terrorists are discussed in public life:

Bill to Protect Int’l Religious Freedom Passes House Foreign Affairs Committee

A bill giving the Administration and the State Department new resources and training to help combat the escalation of persecution of Christians and anti-Semitism has been unanimously adopted by the House Foreign Affairs Committee.

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