Hill to Host Prayer Call for Recovery

On Tuesday, October 24, at 9:00 p.m. EST, Church of God General Overseer Tim Hill will host a live prayer call and briefing on the status of recovery efforts in the various places where disasters and tragedies have struck over the last few weeks.

Global Church Network Adopts Church of God FINISH Commitment

An initiative led by the Global Church Network seeks to synergize and mobilize the entire Body of Christ to Finish the Great Commission by 2030.

The Influence of Church of God Schools in Ethiopia

In Ethiopia, the Church of God has established Christian schools throughout the country: Sidama in the South; the Arsi Oromo area (961 children are enrolled and have to be accommodated by two shifts—all of whom are from Muslim families); the city of Shashemene (a Muslim area in the southern Rift Valley); and Lake Awassa in southern Ethiopia.

Women’s Ministries Announces Colombian Project

Church of God Women’s Ministries recently announced a project for which they hope to raise $500,000 for a safe house for endangered girls in the country of Colombia.

Puerto Rico May Not Survive Without Help

Church of God World Missions International Director Dr. David Griffis and Assistant Director Dr. M. Thomas Propes are heavily burdened for Puerto Rico, and are doing everything possible to send assistance. In these dark times, the church rises to the challenge, but more is needed.

KIDFEST MEXICO 2017 Set for November

November 15-20, 2017 will serve as a significant date and accomplishment for Church of God Kidfest. For the first time, this event, that reaches thousands of kids and leaders each year, will expand its ministry beyond the borders of the United States into Poza Rica, Vera Cruz, Mexico. Offerings given at Kidfest 2017 are making it possible to take Kidfest to Mexico this year.

Operation Compassion Begins Disaster Response to Tortola

Since Hurricane Irma struck the island nation in the British Virgin Islands, Tortola has been trying to piece together enough infrastructure to begin receiving shipments in port.
After receiving clearance this week, Operation Compassion began sending 40-foot containers to Tortola.

Ministerial Housing Allowance Held Unconstitutional

As expected, a federal district court judge in Wisconsin has ruled that the ministerial housing allowance violates the Constitution. However, according to Art Rhodes, President and CEO of the Church of God Benefits Board, Inc., the ruling only deals with the housing allowance where ministers are provided cash to rent or purchase a home, and leaves fully intact, at least for now, the tax-free use of parsonages.

California Fires Impact Church of God Families

Cleveland, TN–The Church of God family has once again been struck by disaster. The fires raging in Northern California have claimed the homes of at least five families associated with the Stony Point Christian Fellowship Church in Santa Rosa, Calif. In total, at least 10 people have been killed and more than 1,500 homes and businesses have been destroyed by the fast moving fires, fueled by winds that at times have exceeded 50 miles per hour.

Executive Committee Schedules Global “Connect” Tour

Cleveland, TN–Over the next several months, the International Executive Committee of the Church of God will hold a series of meetings to hear from pastors and interested laity. These “Connect” meetings will allow the Executive Committee to talk about pertinent issues and to provide updates on ministries occurring around the globe. The sessions will also allow an opportunity for participants to present questions and have those questions answered by the elected leaders of the denomination.

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