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Women’s Ministries Establishes Hall of Honor

On Wednesday, July 27, 2022, Church of God Women’s Advisory Board President Paula Hill unveiled the establishment of a Church of God Women’s Ministries Hall of Honor. The announcement was made during the Women’s Celebration Service held that day as part of the 78th International General Assembly in San Antonio, Texas.

Mrs. Hill stated that the launch of the initiative was to highlight women who have had a powerful and lasting impact on the Church of God. The first five honorees represent a cross-section of women ministers from several generations and at various levels of leadership associated with the rich history of women within the Church of God. The inductees were Dorothy Crentsil, Annie Maude Price, Carmelita Howell Walker, Maria Atkinson, and Dr. Loida Camacho. A Hall of Honor tribute space was introduced and attached to the Women’s Ministries exhibit during the General Assembly held July 25-29 in San Antonio.

The following are abbreviated glimpses of the lives and ministries of the inaugural honorees as presented on July 27. Plans are to honor additional women in the coming years.


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A Woman Who Had No Doubts

Considered one of the most important women in the history of Pentecostalism in Mexico, Maria Atkinson’s ministry was filled with signs and miracles. Maria started a church in a garage and many attended as the power of God was revealed in an unusual manner. God touched her heart and Maria returned to Mexico as a missionary in 1926, establishing Pentecostal communities in Nogales, Santa Ana, Hermosillo, and Ciudad de Mexico.

The firm foundation she built continues to undergird the work of the Lord throughout Mexico today.

A Strong Leader for the Young and Old

While employed by Pathway Press as marketing and research consultant, Loida crafted an article in 1985 in the Pentecostal Minister entitled, “The Mother’s Role Toward Children in School.” She stated that of the many roles conferred upon godly women in Scripture, one of the most noble is that of “teacher.”

Ordained in 1989, Loida distinguished herself as a convention and conference speaker and preached at a General Assembly … a notable recognition. She served as a Professor of Spanish at Lee University, allowing her influence and fortified strength to extend into the far-reaching areas of the world.

Faithful to the Master in Service

Wife of the national overseer of Ghana, Joseph Crentsil, Dorothy was a devoted woman of God who led a life a servanthood to Him and His church.

Dorothy initiated a prison ministry … a ministry that saw some of the inmates upon their release join the local church, and many other inmates to whom she ministered are currently ministers of the Gospel of Christ.

When Dorothy became First Lady of the Church of God in Ghana, the national Women’s Ministry under her leadership achieved a new level that saw remarkable increase in women’s participation

A Mentor to Generations of Pentecostal Preachers

Known for her dedication and powerful prayer life, Reverend Annie Maude Price laid a firm foundation for generations of Pentecostal preachers who attribute much of their spiritual formation to her influence in their lives.

Sister Price was a first-generation Church of God minister who served as an evangelist four years before receiving ministry credentials in 1942. At that time, she was one of only 50 credentialed women in the state of Florida with the Church of God.

Born in December 1903, Sister Price ministered in the Church of God for 65 years.

A Champion Among Women

Carmelita Walker was an encourager and confidant to many. She was equally impressive as a consummate pastor’s wife and faithful partner in ministry to her husband, Dr. Paul L. Walker in various leadership roles for 70 years.

Recognized as an accomplished speaker, teacher, musician, and mentor Carmelita’s quiet strength was a testimony of her love for her Savior, her desire to serve God through serving others, and her commitment to disciple believers.

Carmelita Walker’s legacy of dedicated leadership and gentleness will continue to impact women in the Church of God for generations to come.