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Adult Discipleship Releases ‘Catecismo Pentecostal Para Enseñanza’

Cleveland, TN–Church of God Adult Discipleship has announced their release of the Spanish “Catecismo Pentecostal Para La Enseñanza De La Fe Cristiana,” just in time for the General Assembly, set to take place later this month in San Antonio.

International Co-director of Adult Discipleship (Adultos Discipulado) and editor of the Catechism, O. Wayne Brewer stated, “After 136 years, the Church of God (and other Pentecostal bodies) finally have a superb Pentecostal Catechism in Spanish that can be taught by pastors, teachers, professors, small group leaders, mentors and online disciplers to believers – it’s exciting!” Authored by Dr. James M. Beaty, long-time Church of God educator, theologian, historian, missionary and former Academic Dean of Pentecostal Theological Seminary, the Pentecostal Teaching Catechism was conceived while Dr. Beaty was teaching and mentoring his grandson.

At 251 pages, the volume is a “3-in-1” resource containing a shorter catechism for a cursory scan of material, a longer version with accompanying full scripture quotations for teaching / personal devotion, and a never-before-published, fully annotated history of the Church of God Declaration of Faith. The entire Catechism utilizes a flowing, easy to teach and understand, “question and answer” format that both student and teacher will enjoy.

In addition to a helpful appendix containing the Declaration of Faith, Doctrinal Commitments and Practical Commitments of the Church of God, the volume presents six different, explained, outlined approaches to utilizing the Catechism – including online discipling.

“This is a landmark, multi-use, discipleship resource that every Spanish-speaking Pentecostal pastor, mentor, teacher and discipler will want to use in maturing and teaching both new converts and longtime believers,” Brewer continued. “In fact, the Pentecostal Catechism has already been adopted by the Church of God Department of Education for the ‘Mobilize’ entry level discipleship track for both new converts and more mature believers.”

To order A Pentecostal Teaching Catechism of The Christian Faith / Church of God Declaration of Faith: A History (in either Español or English) and save $5.00 at the premiere discount pricing, order online today at adultdisciplishipcog.com or call Church of God Adult Discipleship at 1-888-766-9009.