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Nations Worship: A New Sound, for the ‘New Thing’ God is Doing

Nations Church, the Orlando, Florida-based Christ for All Nations church plant, is thrilled to announce the release of its first Praise & Worship album, Nations Worship. Nations Church officially launched on August 15th, 2021. As each of the nearly 2,500 attendees of the inaugural service took their seat, they were greeted with a surprise gift: a CD copy of the Nations Church Music team’s first and brand-new Live album. This dynamic collection of songs is available for purchase and/or to stream across all major digital platforms.

Nations Worship features a dynamic blend of original material and contemporary classics led by Worship Director and Associate Pastor Eddie James, Worship Pastor Jenny Weaver, and Music Director Leonard Jones, along with their remarkable team of musicians and vocalists. True to the congregation’s name and ethos, the album effortlessly mixes genres, styles and even incorporates verses in multiple languages – all without dropping the unifying threads that make the album feel like a cohesive work of art. Fans of rock, gospel, jazz, Latino, hip hop, and “free-worship” music will all find something they love on Nations Worship. It offers both raucous, uninhibited praise and intimate, Presence-soaked Worship. Yet, the album somehow goes beyond each of those motifs to achieve something rare in today’s numbers-driven, often homogenized music market – a genuinely unique voice. Though Nations Church is brand new, their team has already pulled off a remarkable achievement by finding, capturing, and now releasing its own truly distinct, God-glorifying sound into the world.

As Eddie James noted, “The beauty of Nations Worship is the diversity of musical, cultural, and creative streams flowing as one river. It’s the sound of heaven. The new Nations album excites me because it marks the dawn of a new day, a new sound, for the ‘new thing’ God is doing in the earth.” His colleague, Jenny Weaver, continued, “We are seeing streams coming together – different sounds and expressions coming in unity to exalt the name of Jesus and make every demon in hell nervous!” Leonard Jones added a personal note on the experience of recording with the fledgling team, “Just to be on the same CD with these friends is a great honor; the Spirit of God saturates the whole recording. But this is just the beginning, greater works will follow… the new standard has just been set.”

To learn more about Nations Church Worship, watch the launch service, or to buy a copy of Worship, visit www.CfaNMusic.com. To stream Worship, simply search for Nations Church Worship on the streaming platform of your choice. To learn more about Christ for All Nations, visit www.CfaN.org.

(SOURCE: Christ for All Nations)