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Support the Church of God on Giving Tuesday

Today, Tuesday, December 1, 2020 is “Giving Tuesday” across the United States. It is a day when everyone is encouraged to support causes they care about, from food security to disaster relief.

This year the Church of God is celebrating the 100 year anniversary of the Smoky Mountain Children’s Home, perhaps the most well-known and oldest benevolent agency of the denomination. Through the decades, the SMCH, previously known as the Church of God Orphanage and Home for Children, has been supported by local churches through Campbell Soup label drives, penny marches, and fried chicken dinners with proceeds going to support the Home.

Benevolent agencies have evolved through the decades with many that are now independent, but with Church of God roots and affiliations. One of the most well know is Operation Compassion, which is one of the top-rated disaster relief agencies in the country. Also in disaster relief is God’s Pit Crew, which provides hands-on construction and disaster recovery. There are several other children’s homes associated with the Church of God, including in North Carolina, South Carolina, and West Virginia.

At the state and even the local levels, there are hundreds of feeding programs, food banks, distribution centers, and other benevolent centers that are run by or affiliated with the Church of God.

The Benevolent ministries of the Church of God are under the umbrella of the Division of Care in the Church of God, led by First Assistant General Overseer Raymond Culpepper. To learn more about and connect with the benevolent agencies under the Division of Care, please visit www.divisionofcare.com [1].

Please consider taking advantage of Giving Tuesday and support your favorite Church of God charitable organization.