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Podcast Allows Listeners to Experience Life of Martin Luther

Ligonier Ministries will release the first episode of a new podcast, Luther: In Real Time, on October 10. As its title suggests, the dramatic podcast enables listeners to walk in Martin Luther’s footsteps five hundred years to the day, from his heresy charges on October 10, 1520, to his famous stand for God’s Word at the Diet of Worms in April 1521. Listeners should subscribe to the podcast soon in order to receive each episode exactly five centuries after every twist and turn. More information is available at LutherInRealTime.com.

Written by Douglas Bond, Director for the Oxford Creative Writing Master Class, and presented by Barry Cooper, supervising producer at Ligonier Ministries and host of the Simply Put podcast, Luther: In Real Time brings to life the drama at the dawn of the Protestant Reformation. Taking place three years after Luther has hammered his Ninety-Five Theses to the Castle Church door at Wittenberg, the first episode begins with the envoy of Pope Leo X knocking on Luther’s door with a dire message from the most powerful man on earth. This sets in motion events that God will use to change the world.

As the podcast was created to provide a real-time experience of Luther’s journey from an anguished Augustinian monk to the great German Reformer, each new episode will be released on the five-hundredth anniversary of important moments in Luther’s life. This means that new episodes will be released on varying days of the week, though listeners can expect to hear a new episode every week beginning October 10.

Chris Larson, president and CEO of Ligonier Ministries, said:
“Our founder, Dr. R.C. Sproul, often reminded us of a lesson he learned from Martin Luther: every generation must declare with boldness and clarity the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ and the supreme authority of the Bible. This new podcast, Luther: In Real Time, is unlike anything Ligonier has produced to date. Carefully researched, each episode draws listeners into the action of Luther’s life five centuries to the day. This production is not mere entertainment; it is a close look into defining moments for the Protestant Reformation. Church history provides vivid reminders of God’s faithfulness to His church, and this short period in Luther’s life was particularly full of dramatic twists and turns. We encourage Christians to listen with their families and to share this podcast with people of all ages so that as many people as possible can hear—in Luther’s own words—what Protestants are protesting and why it still matters today.”

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(SOURCE: Ligonier Ministries via Christian Newswire)