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Church of God Partners with SecureChurch

The Church of God has partnered with SecureChurch to make ministry-based security training available to local churches within the denomination.

Church of God Legal Counsel, Dennis Watkins, stated recently, “In my 25 years as the Legal Counsel for Church of God, I never dreamed that we would see church security become one of our most important topics. We have all seen the increasing levels of anger and violence directed at churches and it seems that hardly a day goes by that we don’t learn of a new tragedy. We’re now at the place where churches must take action to provide proper security training.”

“Many have attended training events or conferences with this team in the past,” Watkins continued. “Now that same high quality, relational, ministry-based training can be delivered directly to pastors and church leaders at a fraction of the traditional cost.”

The SecureChurch team is comprised of the most highly-experienced and certified professionals found in the church security field. They come from operational backgrounds in the U.S. Secret Service, FBI and Department of Homeland Security.

“Perhaps even more important than their credentials,” Watkins said, “is their heart to serve God and grow the Kingdom.”

SecureChurch has developed pricing and approved curriculum specifically for the Church of God. Pastors, church leaders, and constituents are encouraged to learn more about this program and to consider obtaining these valuable resources.

Click here [1] to learn more about SecureChurch.