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New Book Helps Children Who Struggle with Deceit

How can a parent deal with a child who struggles with lying? How can a counselor help a child who is constantly deceitful? The newly released “Putting Away Falsehood” by Sally Michael helps parents and those who counsel children to influence not just behavior but the heart and will. The book is published by the children’s discipleship ministry Truth78.

“True behavior change,” says Sally Michael, “comes through the heart-transforming work of regeneration through faith in Christ and the enabling power of the Holy Spirit.”

She explains in the book how Paul’s instructions in Ephesians 4:17-24 give hope to parents and counselors as well as to the children they teach and counsel. “We can lead our children to put their confidence in Christ, trusting Him for the forgiveness of their sins and the fulfillment of all His promises to them—including the promise to change their hearts and to be their strength in weakness,” she says. “We can model and instruct our children in putting off the ‘old self’ and putting on the ‘new self,’ and help them ‘be renewed in the spirit of [their] minds’ as we train them in righteousness, and encourage them to trust in the power of God, deny the temptations of the enemy, and practice walking in the truth.”

“Putting Away Falsehood” is a resource for parents, grandparents, teachers, pastors, and counselors who desire not only to change behavior, but to approach the problem of deceit from a biblical perspective of heart transformation through “the renewing of the mind” and the power of Christ at work in the heart.

Each chapter leads the child to dependency on Christ through instruction, discussion, and application, and includes a follow-up assignment focusing on the mind, heart, and will of the child.

Though included in the booklet, the assignments are also accessible for children to use in an expanded Assignment Workbook, which is available in print or fillable PDF.

Truth78 seeks to inspire and equip the church and home for the comprehensive discipleship of the next generation. “Putting Away Falsehood” is the first title in a new series of books for parents and people who counsel children, called Learning Christ: Putting off the Old, Putting on the New.

“Putting Away Falsehood” is available at www.truth78.org/putting-away-falsehood.

(SOURCE: Truth78 via Christian Newswire)