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GO FINISH Challenge Set for May 2020

Plans are moving forward as the Church of God mobilizes for GO FINISH 2020, a worldwide movement that focuses on believers sharing their faith in the month of May 2020.

General Overseer Timothy Hill and members of the International Executive Committee first announced the initiative and the denomination’s worldwide participation last year. Since then, a task force, led by Rev. Mark Swank, has been strategizing and providing resources for the outreach.

“This challenge should be in the heart of every believer as the Holy Spirit stirs us to actively engage in witnessing,” Hill continued. “This is a huge, God-sized challenge where our denomination is joining a Global Outreach Day, which can be the biggest evangelistic outreach effort ever undertaken in the history of the church.”

The initiative seeks to mobilize 100 million people to reach one billion people, with the goal of 50 million salvations and to see one million churches planted.

This event will involve all state and territorial offices and all local churches both home and abroad. Hill says, “We are making GO FINISH 2020 part of our FINISH Commitment, and the 40- Weeks prayer initiative, #wepraycog. It is truly a Kingdom opportunity where our denomination will join with multiple worldwide denominations, church networks, and para-church ministries with the idea of every believer sharing the gospel with at least one person.”

The task force has assembled a complete website full of ideas, resources, and videos dedicated to the implementation of GO FINISH 2020. At the site is a message from General Overseer Hill, ideas for churches and individuals to witness, tracts, instructional videos and graphics suitable for websites and print materials. Individuals and pastors are also encouraged to register to be able to receive the latest in resources and information. The website is located at www.churchofgod.org/gofinish2020 [1] and features the latest video from General Overseer Hill. In addition, there is a “countdown clock” located on the home page of churchofgod.org.

“It is a proven fact that many evangelical believers never share their testimony, and as a result, many believers have never won a soul to Christ,” Swank stated. “GO FINISH 2020 is an opportunity to change that statistic. At the website, believers will be able to find easy ways to share their faith through a Facebook post, tract distribution, friendship, and invitational evangelism, as well as local church efforts.”

The goal is for every person, in every church represented by the 185 countries where the Church of God has a presence to share the gospel with someone. The BIG idea is that, “everyone can reach someone, and together we can reach the world.”