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Hill Releases Next Installment in the “Let’s Talk About It” Series

The latest installment in the “Let’s Talk About It” series has been released by Church of God General Overseer Timothy M. Hill. In this latest release, the general overseer addresses the term “Bishops” and women ministers in leadership.

Hill began the series in late 2017 with two documents, followed by a release of four others earlier this year during the January 2018 meeting of the International Executive Council. Hill stated the series originated as a way to share his heart about topics which seem to frequently arise in the Church of God.

“As your general overseer,” Hill said, “my hope is that everyone who reads these documents will do so with an open mind and heart toward reconciling some issues which have at times in the past sparked debate. The topics are an attempt to clarify our denominational position and/or cast a vision for the future.”

The series is housed on the Let’s Talk About It [1] website, as well as through a link on the Church of God website, churchofgod.org [2]. Previous releases address topics such as church planting, the tithe of tithes, “systems,” financial transparency, and the General Assembly. Others include such creative titles as “Broom Trees, Caves, and the Real Truth” and “What Was I Thinking?”

In the latest release, “Painted into a Corner… or Creating a Portrait of Opportunity? – Discussing the Term “Bishop” and Women Ministers in Leadership,” Hill recounts an encounter at a recent Global Ministry Forum where a participant related that they felt the church had “painted themselves into a corner” by not making a decision on these topics and it was preventing them from moving forward with the Great Commission:

“That got my attention. In the dictionary of idioms, to describe oneself as being “painted in a corner” simply means to create a predicament or problem for oneself, or to do something that leaves one with no good alternative or solution. Of course, this verbal expression also creates an immediate visual image.

Just think of someone covering a concrete floor with paint. Their intentions are good and filled with a desire to accommodate and accomplish something. A cold and drab floor needs color and warmth. However, the effort to brighten a room is frustrated when the painter finds himself backed into an inescapable corner, rather than a doorway that accommodates and allows for further movement. I would guess that most of us have painted ourselves into a proverbial corner before. We do it by overcommitting our time, making promises that can’t be kept, purchasing something that is not within our budget, and in countless other ways.

We paint ourselves in a corner sometimes by saying “yes” when we should have said “no.” On the other hand, some do the same when they say “no” but find out too late they should have said “yes.” Corner “dilemmas” are often created by a lack of patience, as well as a lack of thorough planning and preparation. Something rushed us or demands were made that at the time seemed to require urgent response and immediate action. Later we are left shaking our heads and asking, “How did I get here and what do I do now?”’

The full document [1], as well as the complete “Let’s Talk About It” series is available online by visiting www.letstalkaboutitbytimhill.com [3]. Also, the Church of God website has previous releases available for download in PDF format at www.churchofgod.org/lets-talk-about-it [4]. Pathway Press is maintaining a supply of each title for those who wish to order hard copies for distribution. Please contact David Ray at [email protected] to order.