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Modern-day Retelling Between Wizard of Oz and Prodigal Son

Who doesn’t love reading a good children’s book or being read to? As an English teacher, Carol Lester, author of Roo, the Kangaroo Cat, regularly read children’s books to her middle and high school students. Her students looked forward to these readings, which led to their insightful, and often emotional, journal responses. Thus, Lester’s students served as inspiration for this true story of a cat named Saturn.

In a modern-day retelling between The Wizard of Oz and the Prodigal Son in Luke 15, this delightful children’s book Roo, the Kangaroo Cat shows school-age children the importance of home and relationships. Follow Roo, a quirky but curious cat, as he leaves his beloved home to explore his unknown neighborhood and encounters several unexpected adventures and lessons along the way.

From her middle school students to high school students to adults, Carol Lester has experienced firsthand the power of reading a picture book. Carol says, “When my beloved father was days away from death, I read Wilfrid Gordon Macdonald Partridge, by Mem Fox, aloud to him. Once I read the last page, my dad—very weak and barely able to speak—began talking. He told memories of his childhood he had never before shared. Likewise, the reading aloud of children’s books to my students unlocked their emotions and memories, which they translated into poems, essays, and other literary expressions.”

If reading a story aloud to students has the potential to encourage them to write and express their feelings about the world around them, then any educator has unlocked potential within their respective sphere of influence. Current issues like bullying and isolation are relevant among school-age students, and young people experience an increasing pressure to have the latest name-brand clothes, shoes, or electronics. Pick up a copy of Roo, the Kangaroo Cat today and discover how reading it in your classroom or to your kids can change their perspective or encourage them to open up when they might otherwise not see the need.

Carol L. Lester is a published author and has taught secondary English and language arts for over thirty years.

(SOURCE: Redemption Press via Christian Newswire)