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Youth and Discipleship Offers Global Missions Trips

The International Department of Youth and Discipleship for the Church of God has offered two global training missions trips thus far this year. Coordinated by Tony Lane, the teams on these trips include children’s pastors, youth pastors, worship pastors, evangelism/outreach pastors, lead/senior pastors.

Each of the trips thus far has focused on a Church of God school in the country where the team traveled. In February, a team of 15 people from several states, made a trek to the Philippines, where a two-day conference was held at ASCM, the Asian Seminary of Christian Ministries.

Following the conference on practical church ministries at ASCM, the team was involved in speaking and leading breakouts at the Momentum Leadership Conference. This conference was intended for local church leaders from the Church of God churches in the Metro Manila region. This trip and conference was the 11th annual missions trip held at ASCM. Plans are underway and a date has been set for the 12th annual trip in February 2020.

Earlier this month, a team of 11 people traveled to Kneibis, Germany, in the Black Forest region to conduct breakout sessions in a J-term of the European Theological Seminary. This trip afforded the missions trip team members to get acquainted with the ETS students coming from 18 different countries. Lane led other trips to ETS from 2006 through 2010 and also in 2017. The faculty and students requested that another team return this year.

“International Director of Youth and Discipleship, David Blair, understands that Church of God Youth and Discipleship is an International Department,” Lane stated. “It is truly rewarding to provide opportunities for pastors and ministers to share practical ministry with those preparing themselves for ministry. Relationships are formed that last a lifetime!” Lane stated that some mentoring/coaching opportunities provide occasions for team members to continue to coach students after they graduate and enter ministry.

In addition to Church of God ministry leaders, invited guests travel with the teams. Offerings received at FOCUS and Kidfest events provide funds to assist in taking ministry guests to minister in the various countries. This year Jeff McCullough with JumpStart 3 and Chagy joined the team to the Philippines. Tim and Amanda Cowles, as well as Skadoodles, were members of the Germany team.

In addition to the training ministry, teams also get to visit sights in the area. In the Philippines, the group visited Tagaytay, the world’s smallest volcano. In Germany, they went to Strasbourg, France, and toured Notre Dame Cathedral. They also visited the Dachau Concentration Camp and Munich. Along with sightseeing, team members ministered in local Church of God churches.

Future missions trips this year include Mexico in May and July, Romania in June, and the Philippines in February 2020. For information on future trips, contact Tony Lane in the Department of Youth and Discipleship at 423.478.7229 or email [email protected]