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America’s Christian Origins Spotlighted in New Video

The executive producer of an award-winning Christian audio adventure series has produced a special Fourth of July video recounting America’s Christian heritage and warning that the nation’s future depends on returning to “the source of law in God’s revealed Word.”

Bill Heid, an entrepreneur and the executive producer of Heirloom Audio Productions, said he made the video, in part, because the word “liberty” – as it is used in political debates — lacks a clear definition. The special Independence Day video is titled “The Lost Secrets of Liberty.”

“For starters, no one has the right to do what he or she pleases,” Heid says in the short video, noting that one specific dictionary defines it that way.

Heid then turns to Scripture to give the true definition of liberty.

“Real liberty springs from the Gospel,” he says.

The video can be viewed or downloaded for free at TheLostSecretsOfLiberty.com. A license is not needed to show it in public.

In the video, Heid recounts little-known facts about America’s Christian heritage, such as:

• Ethan Allen demanding the surrender of the British at Fort Ticonderoga “in the name of the Great Jehovah and the Continental Congress.”

• John Adams declaring that the centralization of religion had as much to do with American independence as did taxation without representation.

• Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin promoting a scene out of the book of Exodus as the national seal.

“While we’re still free, and while we’ve still got time,” Heid said, “we’ve got to teach the next generation that our country can only be protected from tyranny, moral relativism and anarchy by finding the very context for freedom itself – the source of law in God’s revealed Word.”

Heirloom Audio Productions, which was founded by Heid, produces audio adventures that bring Christian heroes from history to life.

The company won three Voice Arts Awards last year, including Outstanding Production, for The Dragon And The Raven, which chronicles how King Alfred the Great (849-899) led an army that beat the barbaric Vikings, saved the English lands and brought the country back to God. It starred Helen George (Call The Midwife), John Rhys-Davies (The Lord Of The Rings, Indiana Jones), Sylvester McCoy (Doctor Who, The Hobbit), John Bell (The Hobbit), Brian Blessed (Star Wars, Tarzan, King Lear) and Katherine Kellgren (award-winning narrator).
Heirloom Audio just released its eighth CD, Captain Bayley’s Heir, which follows a story about the California gold rush.

The company’s CDs feature top actors and actresses, along with original musical scores and sound effects. Each drama includes two CDs and spans more than two hours.

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