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Devotional for Hope and Healing Released

Alisa Massey, LLC’s (alisamassey.org) new release Finding Hope in a Turbulent World: A Ninety-Day Devotional by Alisa Massey demonstrates that we can have faith that, in the end, no matter what troubles assail us today, we have hope for better things to come.

“The constant cycle of destruction and evil is ever present around us as the devil prowls around like a roaring lion, looking for people to devour (1 Peter 5:8). Don’t be fooled. In the end, the Lion of the tribe of Judah, the root of David—that is, Jesus Christ—triumphs (Revelation 5:5).

Start today the healthiest habit of all—quiet time with the Lord in devotion and prayer—and tower above the chaos. Commit yourself daily to this simple act of solitude, and no matter what dangers swarm around you, Jesus Christ provides us with hope in His written word and by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.”

Alisa says that “Even now, we can have peace and hope in this present life and as we await the next. Make a fresh start here by committing yourself to ninety days of devotion and prayer. See how your life changes for the better as you acquire a lifetime habit of peace in a turbulent world!”

Alisa’s first release in 2012 Redeemed was a touching memoir on the devastation of addiction she encountered. Most Americans know someone who has been deeply affected by alcohol. Their lives are often broken, and recovery seems nearly impossible. However, Massey describes that after her failing attempts at sobriety, she discovered that she was unable to put her life back together on her own; she needed something or someone who was bigger than she was.

Redeemed provides an honest look at the devastation that alcoholism can bring, but it also offers a taste of the sweetness that freedom from addiction brings. Massey proves that no one is too far gone to be redeemed. There is always hope. At her lowest point, Massey encountered love in a way that she never had. God met her in her brokenness and led her out of it. She found hope and purpose for life and began to live again. Because of God’s grace, she was able to recover and start a new life with a new identity. She truly became Redeemed.

Alisa did not stop there but proceeds with the calling on her life to help others discover a relationship with Jesus Christ through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit and her gift of writing, and as a result, Finding Hope in a Turbulent World: A Ninety-Day Devotional was born.

About the Author:
A Christian author, entrepreneur, and speaker, Alisa Massey has her master’s degree in pastoral ministry as well as a master’s in organizational leadership.

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