International Offices Revival to Highlight “Agree ’17”

Cleveland, TN–A three-day revival beginning January 10, 2017, will take place at the Church of God International Offices. The event, which will be streamed live each day starting at 10:45 a.m. EST, will be a component of a three-pronged observance in January called “Agree ’17.”

Hope for Those Struggling this Christmas

“Christmas blues” affect many around the holidays, exposing the pain from previous tragedies or simply feelings of loneliness or desolation that seem to take over life’s experience. In her new book Stars at Night, psychotherapist Paula D’Arcy says those feelings won’t have the last word, that hope and happiness are achievable, if only the small glimmers of light can be recognized.

Christian Audio Adventure Wins at Voice Arts Awards

A star-filled Christian audio adventure that is putting God back into history beat both NPR and Garrison Keillor at the recent 2016 Voice Arts Awards, which are the audio industry’s equivalent to the Academy Awards and honor the best productions and talent in the audio industry.

Does the Holy Spirit Need Help in Filling God’s House?

The still small voice of God is often difficult to differentiate from the mass of words that come at us every day. The Holy Spirit draws, but leaders must follow the instructions of the master:

World Missions Updates on Hurricane Damage in Bahamas

Following close on the heels of impact Hurricane Matthew made on the western side of Haiti, the island of Andros, Bahamas, suffered a major blow, as well.

Revival Touches ‘Devil Worshipping’ Tribe

For the first time in centuries, a remote African tribe called the Batwa Pygmies is being introduced to Jesus Christ.

No Stent Miracle!

On a recent ministry trip to Hong Kong, Poppi Smith, wife of Tommy Smith, regional superintendent/representative South Pacific Region/Indonesia, experienced chest and arm pains during a flight.

Dr. James Dobson Calls for Civil Disobedience

Christians across America must express their outrage at the Ninth Circuit Court’s ruling to uphold California’s so called ‘Reproductive FACT Act.’ This decision will require 150 pro-life crisis pregnancy clinics across the state to promote abortion services to the women they serve.

Tim Hill to Take Office as General Overseer

The next general overseer of the Church of God is ready to lead from a global perspective.

Next Generation Alliance Connects in DC

Over 140 members and guests of Luis Palau Association’s Next Generation Alliance (NGA) gathered for the Connect Conference in Washington DC July 14-16, 2016. Participants, coming from across the United States and around the world, met to network, share ideas on evangelism and ministry, and hear from speakers on the theme of Engagement.

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